Arctic Mermaid Mosaics

Alaska-based mosaic supplies, selling vitreous glass tile, broken china tile, pottery shards, tools, and glue.


Location: United States

Desc: Mosaic Supplies Mosaic Tile Prism Tile Vitreous Glass Tile Ceramic Tiles Mosaic Tools & Glue
Mosaic tile, Mosaic Supplies, 3/4 inch Glass tile Tile, Prism tile, Kaleidoscope, custom blends for creating beautiful backsplash, cut stained glass, Iridium glass tile, Ceramic pieces, Broken china tile, chintz patterns for pique assiette, mosaic tools and glue. Right here in Alaska!

Category: Craft Supplies

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A Glass Act

Handmade jewelry, night lights, plant pals, and personalized ornaments.


Formed in 1992, AACCM is made up of member companies, all of which manufacture ceramic components from ceramic powders in the United States. The...

Aanraku Stained Glass

Teaching studio features a gallery of elaborate stained glass projects completed by students following an intensive course.

Classic Kilts And Jackets (https: | Pakistan)
Classic Kilts And Jackets

Kilt and Jacket are tied in with helping you wear your kilt the manner in which you need to. We're motivated by convention however similarly...

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Candle Jar (https: | United Kingdom)
Candle Jar

Candle Jar sources and stocks the finest handmade candles made in Scotland. All our products are tried and tested by us before we list them on our...

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Tattoo Vanish ( | United States)
Tattoo Vanish

Tattoo Vanish is a tattoo removal parlor in Miami, Florida. We specialize in the Tattoo Vanish Method, which is an all-natural, non-laser tattoo...

Category: Visual Arts - Body Art

What's Up This Week in Shorewood? Arts and Crafts Fair; High School Basketball ... -

What's Up This Week in Shorewood? Arts and Crafts Fair; High School Basketball ...
A sampling of the arts and crafts include doggie wear, pen and ink drawings, metal sculpture, garden orbs, baby/toddler accessories, furniture, journals, weavings, mosaics, jewelry, spices, children's toys, clothing and garden sculpture. ...

and more ...