We are so confident in our scented candles that we offer this guarantee: Our highly scented candles will fill an entire room with aroma (yes even our tea light candles will scent your entire room). Our candles will liquify and burn all the way down. Each candle is crafted by hand using our own proprietary clean-burning wax blend, scented through to the very bottom using our special pouring process with premium grade fragrance oils made specifically for candle use and maximum fragrance release, 100% cotton wicks, and rigorously tested by us, to ensure the best burning most richly scented candle your hard-earned money can buy! Guaranteed! You have nothing to lose and a ton of aroma to gain! Try a tea light trial pack , it’s a great way to sample a few of our scents.


Location: United States - Morrison, Illinois

Category: Candles

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CraftMorristown offers break from routine
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