Steve Robinson Glass (steverobinsonglass.com | United Kingdom)
Steve Robinson Glass

Winner of the Gold Prize for Glass in the ‘craft&design’ magazine awards, Steve Robinson is a long-established fused glass artist and...

Category: Glass - Fused

tms Studios Warehouse (tmsstudios.com | United States)
tms Studios Warehouse

tms Studios offers art products and supplies, crafts, art and glass classes. tms Studios was created as the result of necessity, support and...

Category: Glass - Fused

Technical Glass Products (TGP) (technicalglass.com | United States)
Technical Glass Products (TGP)

Technical Glass Products, Inc., was founded in 1990 as a fabricator of Fused Quartz Glassware. Our commitment to excellence has resulted in TGP...

Category: Glass - Fused

Valerie Adams (fusedglassgallery.com | United States)
Valerie Adams

My passion for working with glass first developed during the 1970s with stained glass and was further fueled by exploring vitreous glass mosaics in...

Category: Glass - Fused

Handmade Art Glass Jewelry : Wholesale (leilacools.com | Canada)
Handmade Art Glass Jewelry : Wholesale

Leila Cools Functional Art and Jewellery Wholesale Purchases. One of a kind fused glass pendant necklaces in a fun variety of images, designs and...

Category: Glass - Fused

Barbara Muth Glass (barbaramuthglass.com | United States)
Barbara Muth Glass

Contemporary sculptural and functional pieces from glass. Explanation of the artist's technique and gallery of work.

Category: Glass - Fused

Beecham White Glass (beechamwhiteglass.com | United States)
Beecham White Glass

Gallery of glass jewelry and sculpture by artists Gary and Mary Lynn Beecham. Biographies and resumes'.

Category: Glass - Fused

Amanda J Simmons - Glass Design (amandajsimmons.co.uk | United Kingdom)
Amanda J Simmons - Glass Design

Gallery of kiln formed architectural glass and functional pieces. Includes glossary of hot glass terms, links, contact information.

Category: Glass - Fused

Anea's Creative Design (aneascreativedesign.com)
Anea's Creative Design

Handmade fused glass artwork and jewelry by Aimee Nicole Edwards-Altadonna.

Category: Glass - Fused

Anna Skibska (annaskibska.com | United States)
Anna Skibska

Gallery of recent and early works. Site also includes exhibits, resume, and contact information.

Category: Glass - Fused

Aquila Art Glass (aquilaartglass.com | United States)
Aquila Art Glass

Handmade functional and ornamental art glass.

Category: Glass - Fused

Aryana B. Londir (aryana2.com | United States)
Aryana B. Londir

Gallery of fused glass art pieces.

Category: Glass - Fused