Flower Jewelry (wildlifewonders.com | United States)
Flower Jewelry

We offer over 260 unique and inspiring items in our collection of Flower Jewelry, from leading designers and artists dedicated to turning the...

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Bellaflora (bellaflorajewelry.com | United States)

Bellaflora Pressed flower jewelry by Marie McCarthy. Bellaflora’s one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces embody delicate, feminine styles and...

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Online Florist in Hyderabad (hyderabadflowers.com | India)
Online Florist in Hyderabad

We are online Florist in Hyderabad. We provide service to Send Flowers to Hyderabad, Flowers delivery Hyderabad, Flower to Hyderabad, Send Flowers...

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Wearable Art From Forest & Garden (artfolia.com | United States)
Wearable Art From Forest & Garden

Folia creates unique wearable artworks for women, men and children.We form colorful metals on real leaves from our perennial garden and mountain...

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Pressed Flower Art by Rebekah (flowerox.com | United States)
Pressed Flower Art by Rebekah

Award winning pressed flower artist and executive committee member of the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild, Rebekah Smith has been pressing wild...

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Jende's Flower Jewelry Collection (jende.com | United States)
Jende's Flower Jewelry Collection

Pendants, earrings, bracelets, and charms made with natural florals in silver settings.

Category: Jewelry - Flower

Jojools (jojools.com | United Kingdom)

A collection of handcrafted necklaces and earrings inspired by the beauty of flowers and leaves, in a range of colours.

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Nature's Creations (leafpin.com | United States)
Nature's Creations

Natural items such as leaves, cones, blossoms and seeds, electroformed with copper.

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Skipping Lilies (skippinglilies.com | United States)
Skipping Lilies

An assortment of pendant necklaces made from stained-glass with real pressed flowers.

Category: Jewelry - Flower

Bellaflora (bellaflorajewelry.com | United States)

Pendants and earrings designed and made with real pressed flowers and petals.

Category: Jewelry - Flower

Buttermilk Lane (buttermilklane.com | United States)
Buttermilk Lane

Offers pendants, earrings and pins made with miniature pressed floral arrangements.

Category: Jewelry - Flower

Elli's Flora Design (beale3.bealenet.com | United States)
Elli's Flora Design

Real flowers are arranged on a handcrafted porcelain chip with a protective coating.

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Flower Sculptures by Kathleen Horner (flowersculptures.com | United States)
Flower Sculptures by Kathleen Horner

Offers a selection of realistic hand-crafted floral pins and earrings, created from painted watercolor paper.

Category: Jewelry - Flower

Forest Flower Jewelry (hamptonplace.com | United States)
Forest Flower Jewelry

Hand painted lacquered pressed blossoms and leaves in 24K gold and sterling silver.

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