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Cheap custom patches (cheapcustompatches.com | United States)
Cheap custom patches

Cheap custom patches is a house of quality embroidered patches, Quality embroidered patches and our customer satisfaction is our priority...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Machine Embroidery Designs (embroiddesigns.net | United States)
Machine Embroidery Designs

Machine embroidery designs and appliques. Quality designs at affordable prices. A collection of designs including animal, dance, sayings and...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

NY Casuals Custom Patches (https: | United States)

Easy to order custom patches from New York Casual, 48 Hour turn around on samples! Free shipping worldwide. Wholesale direct. Low minimum quantity....

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Embroidery Designs Handmade (lomaxcreations.com | United Kingdom)

Lomax Creation manufacture embroidered machine and handmade embroidery designs products handbags, aprons or tea towels for companies and individuals.

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Creative Sense (creative-sense.com | United States)
Creative Sense

Creative Sense is a custom embroidery shop that prides itself with the highest quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. Because of our...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Advanced Embroidery Designs (advanced-embroidery-designs.com | United States)
Advanced Embroidery Designs

Our site of Advanced Embroidery Designs is dedicated to bring you top-quality machine embroidery designs. Each of our designs is tested and...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

A Little Crafty (alittlecrafty.com | United States)
A Little Crafty

We embroid everything from leather to lace. We specialize in patches but it is far from all that we do. Logos, Patches, Shirts, Jackets, Leather...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Singer Sewing Company (singerco.com | United States)

Since 1851, the name Singer has been synonymous with sewing. The spirit of practical design and creative innovation that characterized the company...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

SWAKembroidery (swakembroidery.com | United States)

SWAKembroidery.com offers thousands of machine embroidery designs for your home or commercial embroidery machine. Find a variety of machine...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Embroidery Passbook (embroiderypassbook.com | Canada)
Embroidery Passbook

Our Embroidery Designs search page is the best source of high quality, downloadable machine embroidery designs and accessories at the very best...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Embroidery Boutique (embroidery-boutique.com | United States)
Embroidery Boutique

Embroidery Boutique was established in 2008. It was a stay at home mom venture that developed from a love for boutique children's apparel, sewing...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Custom Digitizing (qdigitizing.com | United States)
Custom Digitizing

We specialize for fast, reliable, high quality Custom Digitizing, Digitizing Embroidery and Embroidery Digitizing Service.

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Advanced Embroidery Designs (https: | United States)
Advanced Embroidery Designs

With many years of combined experience, we are dedicated to bring you the best in machine embroidery designs. Our site is dedicated to bring you...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

The Embroidery Company (embroiderycompany.com | United States)
The Embroidery Company

We offer embroidery and silk screening on Corporate Apparel, Business Apparel, School Apparel, Sporting Apparel, and Personal Apparel. We carry...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Embroidery Stitch Nitch (embroiderystitchnitch.com | United States)
Embroidery Stitch Nitch

Embroidery Stitch Nitch offers embroidery design services and supplies, notions with personalized designs at great prices. Training is also...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Flying Needle Machine Embroidery (flyingneedle.ca | Canada)
Flying Needle Machine Embroidery

Whether you are new to machine embroidery or are a more experienced embroiderer, you will find a vast amount of helpful information on the Flying...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Butterfly Embroidery Equipment (butterflyemb.com | United States)
Butterfly Embroidery Equipment

'Butterfly' is a worldwide brand which started making household sewing machines in 1919 and began production of embroidery machines in 1990. Since...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

HOWES NEEDLEWORK (https: | United States)

HOWES NEEDLEWORK has been designing and manufacturing candlewick embroidery kits and patterns since 1991. We are committed to offering an...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Tracy A Franklin (tracyafranklin.com | United Kingdom)
Tracy A Franklin

Tracy A Franklin, a leading independent specialist traditional embroiderer. Tracy is an established designer and hand embroiderer, promoting...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Needle Little Embroidery (needlelittleembroidery.com | United States)
Needle Little Embroidery

At Needle Little Embroidery you will find an eclectic studio of manually digitized designs, ranging from the classics to the contemporary, from the...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery