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Paperistas (paperistas.com | Australia)

For all your paper needs, come and see us at Paperistas. We have the largest selection of hand-made craft and art paper. Paperistas offers only...

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

The North Pom (thenorthpom.co.uk | United Kingdom)
The North Pom

The North Pom is essentially a family business, with all our poms and their packaging being produced in Cumbria, UK. We source our tissue paper...

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Secret Paper Aeroplanes (paperaeroplanes.com | United Kingdom)
Secret Paper Aeroplanes

Paper aeroplanes, are great fun to make. The website "Secret Paper Aeroplanes" provides free, step-by-step instructions for how to make...

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Yoke Bakery :: treats & gifts for any occasion :: (yokebakery.com | Singapore)
Yoke Bakery :: treats & gifts for any occasion ::

At Yoke Bakery, we aspire to be cookie masters, to bake you truly scrumptious cookie treats for any occasion, festival or just great eats for...

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Sho Creations (shocreations.net | United States)
Sho Creations

Handcrafted miniature origami collectibles in many styles.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Aerogami (aerogami.drivehq.com | United States)

Software program for paper airplane designs. Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, and Vista.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Bijian Gift Cards (bijian.com | United States)
Bijian Gift Cards

A gift of origami art delivered in a handmade greeting card.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Bloom4ever (bloom4ever.com | United States)

Origami roses, bouquets, and baskets individually created. Includes image galleries.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Creased.com (creased.com | United States)

Origami greeting card company based in New York City.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Just Paper Roses (justpaperroses.com | United States)
Just Paper Roses

Offers a variety of personalized arrangements. Includes origami and anniversary theme.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Origami Gallery (geocities.com)

Origami ornaments, boxes, lamp shades, gifts and original books.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Origamihara (origamihara.com | United States)

Linda T. Mihara offers to design and create sets of 1,000 origami cranes for weddings.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

The Paper Crane (thepapercraneorigami.com)
The Paper Crane

Origami jewelry, ornaments and mobiles using beautiful Japanese papers.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Anne's Origami (web.mit.edu | United States)
Anne's Origami

Information on MIT's origami mailing list, with archives. Also a list of books owned, some with pictures, table of contents, and reviews.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Ben's Origami (home.earthlink.net | United States)

Gallery of mostly animal folds, with diagrams for a flamingo and stingray.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

World Class Paper Gliders (mypage.direct.ca | Canada)
World Class Paper Gliders

Instructions for a paper glider design.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Paper Aeroplane World (geocities.com)

Free original paper airplanes with illustrated instructions. Also featuring design tips for paper airplanes, evaluations and the full rules of the...

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Paper Aircraft Association (geocities.com)

The site of Andy Chipling, who works with the Guinness Book of Records to produce the rules for official paper aircraft records. Includes...

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Paper airplane ideas (paperplaneideas.blogspot.com | United States)
Paper airplane ideas

Tips and suggestions to improve paper airplane designs.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Paper Airplane Warfare (geocities.com)

All about having war with paper airplanes with a message board.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami