Womenfolk: The Art of Quilting (womenfolk.com | United States)
Womenfolk: The Art of Quilting

I, Judy Anne, love quilts, quilting and most of all learning about the history of quilts. The purpose of the site is to bring you short,...

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Quilt History (quilthistory.com | United States)
Quilt History

The Quilt History list was created to provide a forum for people around the world who are interested in antique quilts and related textiles to...

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The International Quilt Study Center & Museum (quiltstudy.org | United States)
The International Quilt Study Center & Museum

Visit the new museum to enjoy the world-class collection, first-class exhibitions, a virtual gallery, and experiences for all ages. The Center...

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Hawaii Quilting With Poakalani & Co. (poakalani.net | United States)
Hawaii Quilting With Poakalani & Co.

The Poakalani & Co. Website was started in 1996 to share with the general public our Hawaiian quilting experience. We felt that we needed to...

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America's Quilting History (womenfolk.com | United States)
America's Quilting History

Quilt history including broderie perse, Civil War quilts, friendship quilts, Victorian quilts, Depression era quilts, Black American quilts, native...

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Amish Quilt Collecting (magazines.ivillage.com | United States)
Amish Quilt Collecting

Article detailing the history, craftsmanship, and regional differences of Amish quilts, with specific information and resources for collectors and...

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Patches From the Past (historyofquilts.com | United States)
Patches From the Past

The history of quilts and the lives of the women who created them. Articles on quilting include periods, styles, book reviews and information on...

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Quilt History (quilthistory.com | United States)
Quilt History

Quilt Heritage ListServ is a forum for quilters to discuss the historical aspects of quilting.

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The Quilt Index (quiltindex.org | Algeria)
The Quilt Index

Images and contextual information on hundreds of quilts from several major collections developed by the American Quilt Alliance. Searchable image...

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