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Quilt a Round (members.tripod.com | United States)
Quilt a Round

Quilt-A-Round is an interlinked community of quilt related websites. You can follow the links to the next site in the webring, or choose from a...

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Quilt Pattern Designers Collective (webring.com | United States)
Quilt Pattern Designers Collective

Webring for those who are creating quilt patterns and presenting a free or commercial pattern site. Some sites have tips and lessons.

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Quilters Corner (nav.webring.com | United States)
Quilters Corner

Currently has 35 sites in the ring. This ring is for both quilters and crafters.

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Quilting Around The Web (webring.com | United States)
The Quilter's Webring (webring.com | United States)
The Quilter's Webring

All-quilting sites. Patterns, instructions and photos.

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Canadian Quilters Ring (webring.com | United States)
Canadian Quilters Ring

A showcase collection of truly Canadian sites devoted to quilts and furthering the art of quilting.

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Eva's New Quilt Ring (geocities.com)

Another quilting ring with a variety of sites.

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Foundation Piecing Ring (webring.com | United States)
Foundation Piecing Ring

This ring offers foundation patterns (blocks sewn with the help of a paper pattern) for the quilter. Business sites welcome, but all sites must...

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Heartland Quilter's Webring (geocities.com)

There is plenty to see here with 50 sites currently in this ring of quilters.

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Longarm Quilting Ring (webring.com | United States)
Longarm Quilting Ring

Ring for Longarm quilters and quilt groups. Established September 1998.

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