The Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd. (coircraft.com | India)
The Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd.

The Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd. is a fully owned Government company set up in 1969 for the systematic development of coir industry in the...

Category: Textiles - Dyeing

Keycolour, Inc. (keycolour.net | United States)
Keycolour, Inc.

Keycolour manufactures and distributes Industrial Laundry Dyes, Shop Towel Dyes and other textile dyes for the textile industry and other...

Category: Textiles - Dyeing

Alaska Dyeworks (akdye.com | United States)
Alaska Dyeworks

Alaska Dyeworks, dyers of fine hand-dyed cotton fabrics, hand dyed silk fabrics, whole cloth Hawaiian style hand dyed fabric with multi-colors,...

Category: Textiles - Dyeing

Pure Tinctoria (pure-tinctoria.co.uk | United Kingdom)
Pure Tinctoria

Natural dye extracts for sale and courses in natural dyeing with extract dyes.

Category: Textiles - Dyeing

Ancient Dyes, Natural and Synthetic (chriscooksey.demon.co.uk | United Kingdom)
Ancient Dyes, Natural and Synthetic

Articles on the history and chemistry of indigo and several purples.

Category: Textiles - Dyeing

Bello Marini (billabbie.com | United States)
Bello Marini

Image gallery of hand-dyed scarves and T-shirts, with instructions for dying with indigo and the best plant sources for indigotin.

Category: Textiles - Dyeing

Clarissa Cochran - Shibori (indigosilks.co.uk | United Kingdom)
Clarissa Cochran - Shibori

Photos and description of basic shibori techniques, biography and workshop information.

Category: Textiles - Dyeing

Dharma Trading: Craft Techniques (dharmatrading.com | United States)
Dharma Trading: Craft Techniques

Dyeing techniques and projects, mostly on black and white blanks.

Category: Textiles - Dyeing

Diary of a West Cork Dyer (homepage.tinet.ie)
Diary of a West Cork Dyer

Recipes on wool, and commentary, excerpts from Kate Jepson's writings.

Category: Textiles - Dyeing