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Fabric custom (fabric-custom.com | China)
Fabric custom

We make it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric designs, that being able to print her own fabric was a really cool...

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

McKinley American Leathercrafters (mckinleyleather.com | United States)
McKinley American Leathercrafters

At McKinley American Leathercrafters, we take pride in every piece that we create. Each of our products is individually crafted and designed to...

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Heavenly Handspinning (heavenlyhandspinning.com | United States)
Heavenly Handspinning

Our products are simply divine and simply the best. Heavenly Handspinning Spinning was born out of a desire to offer people an alternative to what...

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Blue Goose Glen Fibers and Equipment (bluegooseglen.com | United States)
Blue Goose Glen Fibers and Equipment

Blue Goose Glen is an online source for fibers, equipment, books and kits for handspinning, weaving, and felting.

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Alison Yule Textiles (spinningandweaving.weebly.com | United Kingdom)
Alison Yule Textiles

Spinning, weaving and dyeing classes, workshops and private tuition

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Modern History Sourcebook: The Loss of Woollen Spinning, 1794 (fordham.edu)
Modern History Sourcebook: The Loss of Woollen Spinning, 1794

Social observations on the loss of woollen spinning as a cottage industry in 1794

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Northeast Handspinners Association (nehandspinners.org | Algeria)
Northeast Handspinners Association

Dedicated to the art and craft of handspinning in northeast US. Events calendar, information on The Gathering sponsored conference.

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Patsy Zawistoski (spinninguru.com | United Kingdom)
Patsy Zawistoski

Teacher and author offering information on her workshops, videos for sale, and online help.

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Ifanwy Fiber Works (home.att.net | United States)
Ifanwy Fiber Works

Photographs of Shetland sheepdogs along with gifts and items produced from their fur.

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Illinois Prairie Spinners (ips.chicagolandspins.org | United States)
Illinois Prairie Spinners

Programs and other information about Illinois Prairie Spinners, a handspinning guild that meets in the western suburbs of Chicago.

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Insects that Damage Wool (angelfire.com | United States)
Insects that Damage Wool

Description, habits, and treatment of clothes moths and carpet beetles.

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

HJS Studio (hjsstudio.com | United States)
HJS Studio

Fiber artist Holly Schaltz teaches contemporary interpretations of handspinning and handweaving. Includes class information, teacher biography and...

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Black Sheep Newsletter (blacksheepnewsletter.net | United States)
Black Sheep Newsletter

A quarterly for sheep growers and fiber enthusiasts. Table of contents of current issues, subscriptions, books and back issues.

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Fibercritters (tech.groups.yahoo.com)

An email discussion list for anyone having an interest in those animals who provide fiber for fiber artists. Information on how to join; message...

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild (glasg.org | Algeria)
Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild

A group of spinners whose members come to spinning from a variety of fiber arts. Event calendar, membership form, newsletters, tips and tricks.

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Spindlitis (spindlitis.com)

Wheels, drop spindles, supported spindles. Reviews, instructions, vendors.

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Trembling Prairie Station (prairiewool.com | Canada)
Trembling Prairie Station

Information on working with Shetland wool, making fine yarn, basic knitting instructions and patterns for using handspun.

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Black Sheep Gathering (blacksheepgathering.org | Algeria)
Black Sheep Gathering

History of the show, and results from animal, fiber and fiber arts contest judging.

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Cotton: From Field to Fabric (cotton.org | Algeria)
Cotton: From Field to Fabric

Educational overview from the National Cotton Council.

Category: Textiles - Handspinning

Department of Textile Fabrics (150.si.edu)
Department of Textile Fabrics

Article from the Smithsonian Institution covering the basic natural fibers.

Category: Textiles - Handspinning