Convergence International Art Festival (caparts.org | Algeria)
Convergence International Art Festival

Contemporary artists, dance, music, film, theater and Web art. September 7-23, 2001, in Providence, RI.

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Natural Selection: Sculpture Trail at Mount Ephraim (sellars.demon.co.uk | United Kingdom)
Natural Selection: Sculpture Trail at Mount Ephraim

3rd annual exhibition is open throughout the summer of 1997. The selected pieces are the work of 15 professional artists from around Great Britain.

Category: Wood Crafts - Exhibits

Nimis and Arx (aim.se | Sweden)
Nimis and Arx

Two hundred fifty tons wood and stone close to the sea.

Category: Wood Crafts - Exhibits

Sculpture Zone (my.execpc.com | United States)
Sculpture Zone

Consortium of sculptors and sculpture galleries.

Category: Wood Crafts - Exhibits

Alzado Vectorial Elevation (alzado.net | Canada)
Alzado Vectorial Elevation

Artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's millennial project, which used 18 robotic spotlights to transform Mexico City's Zocalo square into a collaborative...

Category: Wood Crafts - Exhibits

Fourth Plinth Project, The (fourthplinth.co.uk | United Kingdom)
Fourth Plinth Project, The

Ongoing series of temporary works of art commissioned from leading national and international artists displayed on the empty plinth in Trafalgar...

Category: Wood Crafts - Exhibits

Sensuous and the Sacred, The: Chola Bronzes from South India (asia.si.edu | United States)
Sensuous and the Sacred, The: Chola Bronzes from South India

A Smithsonian exhibit showcasing the regal sculptures of Hindu deities from the Tamil-speaking region of India.

Category: Wood Crafts - Exhibits

THAIS: 1200 Years of Italian Sculpture (thais.it)
THAIS: 1200 Years of Italian Sculpture

Extensive collection of Italian sculpture organized by period, artist and city; in Italian.

Category: Wood Crafts - Exhibits

World Sensorium (worldsensorium.com | United States)
World Sensorium

Gayil Nalls' olfactory sculpture for Times Square

Category: Wood Crafts - Exhibits

Havre de Grace Decoy Museum (decoymuseum.com | United States)
Havre de Grace Decoy Museum

Featuring duck carvings, folk art, and waterfowl exhibits from the Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna regions.

Category: Wood Crafts - Exhibits

National Museum of Woodcarving (blackhills.com | United States)
National Museum of Woodcarving

Features American wood carvings, tours, and classes in South Dakota.

Category: Wood Crafts - Exhibits

Old Schwamb Mill (oldschwambmill.org | United States)
Old Schwamb Mill

Woodworkers are making hand-turned oval frames on 19th century lathes in a wooden mill building dating from the time of the Civil War.

Category: Wood Crafts - Exhibits

SculptureCenter (sculpture-center.org | Algeria)

Nurtures and supports experimentation and excellence in contemporary sculpture.

Category: Wood Crafts - Exhibits

Trade Shows Inc (tsiwoodworkingshows.com)
Trade Shows Inc

Produces woodworking and furniture related trade shows featuring machinery, tooling, supplies and services for the furniture, cabinet, casegoods,...

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