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Inflatable Museum, The ( | Afghanistan)
Inflatable Museum, The

Gathering place for objects, performances, and environments that are resigned to instability.

Category: Visual Arts

National Ice Carving Association ( | Afghanistan)
National Ice Carving Association

Organization devoted to promoting the art of ice sculpture across the country and around the world. Learn about NICA membership and events, or find...

Category: Visual Arts

Tomas, Nicoletta ( | Afghanistan)
Tomas, Nicoletta

Features images of lovers in acrylics. Other work in watercolor and pastels.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Painting

deBettencourt, Daniel ( | Afghanistan)
deBettencourt, Daniel

Presenting Cell Division, the online arm of a semi-permanent art installation.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Installation Art

Orbit and Ortney ( | Afghanistan)
Orbit and Ortney

Installation art and the Territory Orphanage.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Installation Art

Brown, Trevor ( | Afghanistan)
Brown, Trevor

Images featuring a disquieting mix of sex, bruised and injured babies, children, and women, surgery, and death.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Illustration

Coloring 4 Kids ( | Afghanistan)
Coloring 4 Kids

Interactive animated coloring books and print-and-paint pages.

Category: Visual Arts - Drawing and Sketching

Easylife ( | Afghanistan)
Vasulka, Steina and Woody ( | Afghanistan)
Vasulka, Steina and Woody

Dedicated to the electronic arts pioneers who worked with video, sound, and the digital image. From the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art,...

Category: Computer Generated Art - Artists