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eu-ceramics ( | Belgium)

European Centre for online training in the ceramic arts.

Category: Ceramics

FEVE European Container Glass Federation ( | Belgium)
FEVE European Container Glass Federation

FEVE is the European Federation of glass packaging and glass tableware makers. Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Brussels, FEVE is an...

Category: Glass

Tribal Art Magazine ( | Belgium)
Tribal Art Magazine

Tribal Art Magazine, the quarterly world's premier journal on the arts of indigenous cultures around the world.

Category: Books & Magazines

Art & Build Architect ( | Belgium)
Art & Build Architect

A humanistic approach to architecture. Art & Build is about turning thoughts into reality within a given time window - about creating built...

Category: Art

Clarewilks Sculpture ( | Belgium)
Clarewilks Sculpture

I work in gardens, parks and galleries creating sculptural objects, living structures and temporary installations. Specialising in willow, wire,...

Category: Basketry ( | Belgium)

Humorous electronic art and interactive animations.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Web Art

Ledent, Pol ( | Belgium)
Ledent, Pol

Features scenes from the Belgian countryside and figurative paintings.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Thematic

Sony α ( | Belgium)
Sony α

Digital SLR camera from Sony featuring a 10.2 mega-pixel CCD, anti-dust system, long-life battery, high-speed response time, and a large selection...

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Mertens, Pierre ( | Belgium)
Mertens, Pierre

Includes text and images documenting the artist's contextual projects and installations.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Installation Art

Goffin, Josse ( | Belgium)
Goffin, Josse

Belgian artist creating original, conceptual, and funny illustrative and graphic design work.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Illustration