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Candle Making (candle-making.com | Japan)
Candle Making

Candle making information and guide. Get started making candles from "Candle Making" and learn a new hobby that will delight and help in...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

All Japanese Crafts (alljapanesecrafts.com | Japan)
All Japanese Crafts

We offer a section for Japanese crafts that you can do with your children and we have pages upon pages of Japanese Crafts that you can create...

Category: Cultures and Groups - Japanese

Japan Pottery Net [JPN] (japanpotterynet.com | Japan)
Japan Pottery Net [JPN]

Japan Pottery Net, JPN is the Largest Selection of Japanese ceramics by first-ranked artists. Japan Pottery Net was founded to introduce Japanese...

Category: Craft Supplies - Ceramics and Pottery

Design.Y (design-y.near-mint.com | Japan)

"Design.Y" is Mr.Hiroshi Yoshino's brand. He has worked as a professional designer in Japan and he is a good craftsman too. Leather-bound...

Category: Leatherworking

Pottery by Lani Callahan (lanipots.com | Japan)
Pottery by Lani Callahan

I am a potter currently based in Kyoto, Japan. I love to work with clay in its every stage, from throwing on the wheel, to trimming a foot, to...

Category: Ceramics - Functional

Flowers to Japan, Japan Florist, Send Flowers to Japan (japanonlineflorist.com | Japan)
Flowers to Japan, Japan Florist, Send Flowers to Japan

Order online to send flowers to Japan, Flowers to Japan, Cakes to Japan. You can also send flowers and cakes to Japan for different occasions like...

Category: Flower & Garden

entropy8zuper (entropy8zuper.org | Japan)

Information technology is not the future. We are.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Web Art

sountain (sountain.com | Japan)

All matter is speed and flame.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Web Art

Lankford, Carolyn (lankford-art.com | Japan)
Lankford, Carolyn

Modern-day impressionist style paintings.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Thematic

Benkyo, Tamaoki (get-ugly.jp | Japan)
Benkyo, Tamaoki

Manga/hentai artist. Also in Japanese.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Thematic