Doll Making Secrets

"Discover The Art Of Doll Making - Learn The Tips & Tricks Master Doll Makers Don't Want You To Know!" If you're interested in making dolls, and clothes for dolls then pay a touch at the website and discover secrete information for doll making.


Location: Australia - Mermaid Beach, Queensland

Desc: Heres The Inside Secrets Of How To Make Amazing Dolls And Dolls Clothes - Learn The Tips & Tricks Master Doll Makers Dont Want You To Know! Making dolls and doll clothes does not have to hard. Stop buying store bought items and wow your friends with your own with our doll making skills.

Category: Craft Supplies - Doll Making

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A Child's Dream Come True

Natural craft kits for children as well as handmade wooden toys.

ABC'S Originals

Soft sculpture e-patterns for life size figures and small dolls.

Adorable Doll Clothes

A great place to shop for doll clothes for a variety of dolls 7 inches to 24 inches tall. Adorable Doll Clothes superstore features a large...

Nifty Interio (https: | India)
Nifty Interio

Interior Designers & Decorators in Hyderabad: Nifty Interio provides the interior design services in Luxury villa, office, apartments,...

Category: Ceramics - Decorative

UFO3D (https: | United States)

Creation of construction and millwork drawings, photoreal 3D renderings for products and projects. Specialities: architectural rendering, product...

Category: Computer Generated Art - 3D Art

Artists Abode ( | United States)
Artists Abode

Artists Abode creates awareness on body art, fiber art, crop art, abstract art, animation art, oil painting, glass, spray, encaustic, gouache,...

Category: Art - Painting

AFSJO crafts bazar -

AFSJO crafts bazar
Sponsored by the development commissioner (Handicrafts) of Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India, items such as clothes, bags, doll & toys, dry flowers, metal crafts, decorative and traditional crafts of various ethnic communities will be displayed in ...


Lamp Making Workshop - Ceramics (For Kids) - San Francisco Chronicle

Lamp Making Workshop - Ceramics (For Kids)
San Francisco Chronicle
The kids will be painting a real ceramic lamp. They can paint it to match their bedroom or any other room they wish. Makes a fantastic gift. (Shades not includes.) The instructor will help with each child's designs and techniques to produce a beautiful ...


Relax lending norms for loss-making units: Textiles Ministry to RBI - Economic Times

Relax lending norms for loss-making units: Textiles Ministry to RBI
Economic Times
NEW DELHI: The Textiles Ministry has said it will urge the Reserve Bank to relax lending norms for the textile industry which has been hit by the volatility in raw material prices and slump in domestic demand. "Something needs to be done... something ...

and more ...

Honing your crafts - New York Post

Honing your crafts
New York Post
When the thought of one more day at the mall makes you feel ill, then try another form of masochism: making gifts by yourself. These magazines can take some pain out of the process. If you've maxed out on your credit card, nothing says do-it-yourself ...


Glow of creativity - The Hindu

The Hindu
Glow of creativity
The Hindu
The Nachiarkoil metal craft artisan practises the ancient technique which includes making moulds of various parts with the locally available river sand. Innovation by Poompuhar at its units, has in recent times, modified the traditional casting to a ...