Portrait of a working artist - Gaston Gazette
Portrait of a working artist
Gaston Gazette
A Gastonia resident, Childs has been involved in some form of arts, including writing, music, dance, modeling and acting, over the years. But at 2 am Feb. 26, 2010, his visual arts career “took off.” “That is the date I woke up with a supernatural ...


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3D Rendering Modeling and Animation (3drenderingandanimation.com | United States)
3D Rendering Modeling and Animation

3d Rendering modeling and Animation is a 3d Rendering company based in California. We are experienced in all phases of 3d rendering and modeling at...

Category: Computer Generated Art - 3D Art

Cat Technologies Ltd. (cattechnologies.com | India)
Cat Technologies Ltd.

CAT Technologies Ltd, the leading 3d animation and Gaming Company in India provides out of box 3d Animation and Gaming services. And also it...

Category: Computer Generated Art - 3D Art

Chavant, Inc. (chavant.com | United States)
Chavant, Inc.

Producing oil/wax based modeling clays.

Category: Metal Crafts - Sculpture

UFO3D (https: | United States)

Creation of construction and millwork drawings, photoreal 3d renderings for products and projects. Specialities: architectural rendering, product...

Category: Computer Generated Art - 3D Art

Artist-3D (artist-3d.com | United States)

Services provided by Artist-3d.com are "as is" with no express or implied warranty for accuracy or accessibility. Artist-3d.com has done...

Category: Computer Generated Art - 3D Art

3d Art To Part (3darttopart.com | Australia)
3d Art To Part

We are a small group of 3d modeling and animation enthusiasts located in Northern California. We began 3d Art To Part in order to provide...

Category: Computer Generated Art - 3D Art

Eshkol, Giora (eshkol.com | United States)
Eshkol, Giora

Specializes in character design, modeling, and animation.

Category: Computer Generated Art - 3D Art

Creative Paperclay (paperclay.com)
Creative Paperclay

Offers air hardening modeling materials and clays. Also projects, lesson plans, and guidelines.

Category: Craft Supplies - Polymer Clay

CGIFurniture (https: | United Kingdom)

Creation of photoreal 3d visual content for launching new products, marketing 3d materials for existing products and project presentations....

Category: Visual Arts - Animation

Perfect Touch (perfect-touch.com | United States)
Perfect Touch

modeling and sculpting tools for small-scale sculpting.

Category: Craft Supplies - Polymer Clay

Deco Clay Craft Academy (decoclay.com | United States)
Deco Clay Craft Academy

Offers classes, supplies, and custom-created designs for the home and special events.

Category: Polymer Clay

Hash, Inc. (hash.com | United States)
Hash, Inc.

Makers of Animation:Master, the cross-platform modeling, rendering, and animation package.

Category: Visual Arts - Animation

Frison Design Services (geocities.com)

Furniture, lighting and product design, computer modeling and animations.

Category: Art

Creative Mediapulse Technologies (mediapulsetech.com | India)
Creative Mediapulse Technologies

Creative Mediapulse Technologies, an outsource 2D/3d Animations, 3d modeling, 3d walkthrough, Multimedia, Web design, elearning, CBT & WBT,...

Category: Visual Arts - Animation

BearByte Animation (bearbyte.com | United States)
BearByte Animation

Provides custom 3d modeling, animation, and digital effects to the advertising, entertainment, and computer gaming industries.

Category: Visual Arts - Animation

Ajay Walia Photography (ajaywalia.com | India)
Ajay Walia Photography

We are a company offering personalized photography services from last 25 years as a Professional Photographer in Noida near Delhi. The company was...

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Investigation into the Use of 3D Computer Graphics for Forensic Facial Reconstruction (dcs.gla.ac.uk | United Kingdom)

Report outlining research concerned with 3d facial modeling and its application to forensic facial reconstruction from skulls.

Category: Visual Arts - Forensic Art

Sculpture House (sculpturehouse.com | United States)
Sculpture House

Manufacturer of traditional sculpting tools, materials, and accessories for modeling, stone/wood carving, and mold making and casting.

Category: Metal Crafts - Sculpture

American Baby Contest (americanbabycontest.com | United States)
American Baby Contest

Baby and child photo contest. Judging fee and prizes for quarterly winners.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography