Clyfford Still's will is executed with Denver museum - Los Angeles Times
New York Times
Clyfford Still's will is executed with Denver museum
Los Angeles Times
The Clyfford Still Museum in Denver fulfills the artist's instruction that his works go to a city that would devote a space solely to his art and its study. ONE-MAN SHOW: Clyfford Still paintings hang amid natural light in the Denver museum devoted to ...
With wraps off the art at new Denver museum, how good is Clyfford Still?Denver Post
Abstract Expressionist Made WholeNew York Times
Denver Opens New Museum Honoring Abstract ArtistKMGH Denver

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Dark materials: Bisbee, Fensterstock - Bowdoin Orient
Bowdoin Orient
Dark materials: Bisbee, Fensterstock
Bowdoin Orient
She fashions fragile, black paper flowers; he crafts bold abstract forms from metal spikes. She uses the centuries-old quilling technique popular among Renaissance nuns; he hammers, welds and bends iron into submission. ...


Arts essentials: Visual art - Columbus Alive
Columbus Alive
Arts essentials: Visual art
Columbus Alive
But we keep coming back to the visual world. Nonobjective painting gets a big boost after World War II. That's when you get the abstract expressionists. [With more recent art], people often say, “I could do that.” But it's very difficult. ...


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Abstract Art ( | United States)
Abstract Art

An abstract art resource including images and biographies of abstract artists and modern art masters. A resource for abstract artists including a...

Category: Art

Murrie, Herbert ( | United States)
Murrie, Herbert

Italian landscape paintings, painted in oil and gouache.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Thematic

Benson, Burritt E. ( | United States)
Benson, Burritt E.

Sketch and digital artist based in North Carolina offering a showcase of colorful montages that can be hung in a variety of ways.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Artists

Osnat Fine Art ( | Canada)
Osnat Fine Art

Osnat is a self-representing Canadian artist. She is best known for her large-size original abstract landscape and Contemporary modern paintings,...

Category: Art - Art Supplies

Wrights on Arts ( | United Kingdom)
Wrights on Arts

Great paintings at great prices, landscape art, abstract art, abstract painter, modern arts, wall art canvases, triptych painting, abstract flower...

Category: Art - Painting

Best, John ( | United Kingdom)
Best, John

Contemporary abstract artworks derived from complex abstract patterns and built from simple geometric shapes.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Artists

Goodridge, Carolyn S. ( | Netherlands)
Goodridge, Carolyn S.

Oils, acrylics, and watercolors inspired by Zen, music, and love.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Painting

Olson, Paul ( | United States)
Olson, Paul

Creates abstract wood and bronze sculptures.

Category: Wood Crafts - Artists

Vene, Peter ( | United States)
Vene, Peter

Slovenian sculptor that crafts abstract pieces, furniture, and bowls.

Category: Wood Crafts - Artists

Modern Paintings Online ( | United States)
Modern Paintings Online

Offering contemporary abstract and landscape paintings created with acrylics on canvas.

Category: Visual Arts - Drawing and Sketching

Abstract Art Painting ( | United States)
Abstract Art Painting

We are the best supplier of Canvas Wall Art and abstract Wall Art on the web. Join our satisfied customers who have bought thousands of pieces...

Category: Art - Painting

Hildreth, Damon ( | United States)
Hildreth, Damon

abstract steel sculpture that mirrors the life forces of this world.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Sculpture

dreamlandscapes ( | United States)

Exhibit of abstract photography and computer images made from photos.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Sculpture Zone ( | United States)
Sculpture Zone

Consortium of sculptors and sculpture galleries.

Category: Wood Crafts - Exhibits

Christopherson, Gary ( | United States)
Christopherson, Gary

abstract mobile and stable art sculptures with a message of "quantum positive change".

Category: Ceramics - Sculptors

Ventura, Salvatore (
Ventura, Salvatore

Architectural watercolors and abstract paintings.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Painting

I Love You, Baby ( | Algeria)
I Love You, Baby

Public art collective currently doing things that they shouldn't be doing.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Public Art

Oil Painting ( | United States)
Oil Painting

Art paintings and abstract contemporary art painting gallery with oil, acrylic, watercolor on canvas using different oil paintings technique. Art...

Category: Art - Painting

McClure, Cheryl ( | United States)
McClure, Cheryl

Offers galleries of modern, abstract, non-objective paintings, and mixed media collage by Texas artist, Cheryl McClure.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Painting

Novica: Paintings ( | United States)
Novica: Paintings

Features over 1,000 original paintings by both well-known and undiscovered artists from around the world.

Category: Visual Arts - Drawing and Sketching