Over 25 ceramics manufacturing units closed in Gujrat, Gujranwala - Business Recorder
Business Recorder
Over 25 ceramics manufacturing units closed in Gujrat, Gujranwala
Business Recorder
FAISALABAD: More than 25 Ceramics Manufacturing Units have been closed down in Gujarat and Gujranwala districts during the current year 2011 due to fuel and energy shortages, primitive methods of manufacturing, inability to assemble and deploy ...

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Akij Gr set to overtake RAK Ceramics to become country's biggest tiles maker - Financial Express Bangladesh
Akij Gr set to overtake RAK Ceramics to become country's biggest tiles maker
Financial Express Bangladesh
Local conglomerate Akij Group is set to become the country's largest tiles manufacturer, dethroning the UAE-based RAK Ceramics Ltd, which has dominated the market since 2000, a high official said. The group has set up the new tiles manufacturing plant ...

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RAK Ceramics join forces with star glass blower - Construction Week Online
Construction Week Online
RAK Ceramics join forces with star glass blower
Construction Week Online
Novaro has also signed an agreement to design an exclusive range of tiles for RAK Ceramics, the world's largest ceramic tiles and bath ware manufacturing company. “The inauguration of Jean Claude Novaro's new workshop in Ras Al Khaimah underlines the ...
Novaro's glass factory reaffirms RAK's growing stature as a favorite ...Arab News
RAK Ruler inaugurates world-renowned glass artist's factory in Ras Al KhaimahWAM - Emirates News Agency
S&P affirms RAK's 'A/A-1' ratingsEmirates 24/7

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Alumina Ceramics Manufacturing Employmen |

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Yigang Precision Ceramic Co.,Ltd (yccf.com | China)
Yigang Precision Ceramic Co.,Ltd

The Yigang Precision Ceramic Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in developing and manufacturing alumina ceramics, After several years effort,the ceramics...

Category: Ceramics

Superior Technical Ceramics Corp. (ceramics.net | United States)
Superior Technical Ceramics Corp.

Superior Technical ceramics manufactures custom technical ceramic parts and components, covering a wide range of customer requirements, and has...

Category: Ceramics

Suntech (suntechceramics.com | Hong Kong)

Suntech Precision ceramics, since its founding in 2006, has established a tradition of application adaptive ceramic molding, sintering, grinding...

Category: Ceramics

Silvershell Ceramics (silvershellceramics.com | United States)
Silvershell Ceramics

Silvershell ceramics: Made in the USA. Custom Ceramic manufacturing Stoneware and Porcelain-Ware Cast and Pressed Daily. Silvershell was born out...

Category: Ceramics - Stoneware

ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc. (zircarceramics.com | United States)
ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc.

Our broad product range includes alumina, alumina-Silica and other refractory oxide fiber materials, heating elements, plus furnace insulation...

Category: Ceramics

CoorsTek : Advanced Technical Ceramics (coorstek.com | Brazil)
CoorsTek : Advanced Technical Ceramics

CoorsTek manufactures advanced technical ceramic and high-performance plastic components. Our offering ranges from rapid-turn protoyping to...

Category: Ceramics

East Coast Sales (ECS) (ecsceramics.com | United States)
East Coast Sales (ECS)

Specialists In Precision Machining, Dicing & Grinding. East Coast Sales is an industry-leading precision ceramic machine shop and technical...

Category: Ceramics

ShenZhen Huaxin Precision Ceramics Co., LTD (zirconia-ceramic.com | China)
ShenZhen Huaxin Precision Ceramics Co., LTD

ShenZhen Huaxin Precision ceramics Co., LTD since 1999 has been committed to the design, development and manufacture of industrial ceramic...

Category: Ceramics

earthwaterfire.com (earthwaterfire.com | United States)

earthwaterfire.com is a global e-commerce platform established by a strategic alliance of leading international technical ceramic manufacturers and...

Category: Ceramics

Industrial Ceramics Limited (industrialceramics.com | Canada)
Industrial Ceramics Limited

For more than 50 years, Industrial ceramics Limited has served the global community, offering custom ceramic shapes for a variety of technical...

Category: Ceramics

Morgan Technical Ceramics Wesgo (wesgo.com | United Kingdom)
Morgan Technical Ceramics Wesgo

Morgan Technical ceramics Wesgo is a premium supplier of high purity Aluminum Oxide ceramic components specializing in engineered and metallized...

Category: Ceramics

VICAR S.A. (vicar-sa.es | Spain)

VICAR S.A. was born of a merger between two local firms (R. Vila y J.M. Carpintero), which since the 1930's had been working separately on the...

Category: Ceramics

Blasch Precision Ceramics (blaschceramics.com | United States)
Blasch Precision Ceramics

Founded in 1979, Blasch Precision ceramics, Inc. is a manufacturing company that produces and markets net shape ceramic and refractory components...

Category: Ceramics

TOE ceramics co., Ltd (porcelainglazedtile.com | China)
TOE ceramics co., Ltd

TOE ceramics co., Ltd. was established in 2005. On the basis of more than several decades years experience of ceramics researching and...

Category: Ceramics - Tiles

Xulong Ceramics (ceramics.xulongchina.com | China)
Xulong Ceramics

China ceramics Manufacturer & Supplier & Wholesaler. Xulong ceramics is a professional manufacturing and promoting enterprise, The...

Category: Ceramics

Glaze Calculator (glazecalc.com | United States)
Rathissh Ceramics (rathisshexports.com | India)
Rathissh Ceramics

Rathissh ceramics is one of the leading ceramic chemicals manufacturer and supplier, meeting the demand of various industries and therefore our...

Category: Ceramics - Stoneware

Morgan Advanced Materials (morganadvancedmaterials.com | United Kingdom)
Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials is a world leader in advanced materials and is committed to building a sustainable competitive advantage in attractive...

Category: Ceramics

Alea Mosaic (alea-mosaic.com | Germany)
Alea Mosaic

Creator of the smallest glazed mosaic tiles, down to 3x3 mm. manufacturing in North Africa, selling in M+-nchen, Germany.

Category: Craft Supplies

Kangrong Fine Ceramic Co., Ltd (kangrong.en.wdbiz.net | China)
Kangrong Fine Ceramic Co., Ltd

Kangrong Fine Ceramic Co., Ltd. is a high technical corporation which integrates researching, developing, manufacturing, selling and after-sales...

Category: Ceramics - Decorative