Metal Work #3: Medieval armour - Humans Invent
Metal Work #3: Medieval armour
Humans Invent
My primary craft is as an armourer but that encompasses a variety of different crafts including metal work, wood work, leather work and a variety of different things under that heading. It is pretty much a niche market within a niche market. ...


Freeport fishermen use condemned wharf for dumping day - Nova News Now
Nova News Now
Freeport fishermen use condemned wharf for dumping day
Nova News Now
Small Crafts and Harbours closed the Fish Point wharf on Oct. 28 this year and blocked access to it with large armour rock. Local fishermen had the rock removed for the start of lobster season this week. “The fishermen didn't have any choice,” says ...

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Armor Gauntlets ( | Algeria)
Armor Gauntlets

Photographs of gauntlets, anvils and armour smithing tools.

Category: Metal Crafts

Ancient Greek Statues, Armour, Jewelry ( | Greece)
Ancient Greek Statues, Armour, Jewelry

Buy now Ancient Greek Statues, armour and much more with a warranty certificate. Hellenic-art is the premium site for genuine Greek treasures on...

Category: Art

The Arador Armour Library ( | United States)
The Arador Armour Library

Information on how to make armour, discussion board, and armour pictures.

Category: Metal Crafts

Hassanand Hemandas & Co ( | United States)
Hassanand Hemandas & Co

Manufacture and export of replica period weapons, swords, guns, armour, and navigational instruments produced by artisans from Rajasthan India.

Category: Metal Crafts

Eisenkleider ( | Slovakia)

Museum quality parade armor, etched, embossed, gilt...with original 15-17th century etched/embossed designs. Also, family crests and business...

Category: Metal Crafts

EtchWorld ( | United States)

Featuring glass etching and mirror decorating supplies and equipment from Eastern Art Glass.

Category: Glass - Etching

Butted Mail: A Mailmaker's Guide ( | United Kingdom)
Butted Mail: A Mailmaker's Guide

The popular Third Edition of Lord Paul de Gorey's guide, with additional material by the author, has been combined into this new on-line Fourth...

Category: Metal Crafts

Repousse Tools and Techniques ( | Mexico)
Repousse Tools and Techniques

Repousse tools, techniques and sources for artists, armourers, metal sculptors and blacksmiths.

Category: Metal Crafts

Kusari Kahn's Lair ( | Canada)
Kusari Kahn's Lair

Dedicated to passing on and preserving knowledge of the ancient art of chain and chain armours, commonly known as maille, chainmaille, chainmail...

Category: Metal Crafts

Gotscha ( | Netherlands)

Sculpture and armour by Dutch contemporary sculptor-blacksmith Gotscha Lagidse.

Category: Metal Crafts

The Hammered Wombat (
The Hammered Wombat

Reproduction Medieval and Renaissance armour - SCA Sport Combat Artwork by The Hammered Wombat.

Category: Metal Crafts

Sword Forum International ( | United States)
Sword Forum International

Covers all areas of sword collecting and usage including articles and an active discussion forums.

Category: Metal Crafts

Regia Anglorum : Leather Working ( | United Kingdom)
Regia Anglorum : Leather Working

Regia Anglorum : Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts, Leatherwork. Unless you have very strong political views, just about everyone today has some items...

Category: Leatherworking

McLeod, Magnus (
McLeod, Magnus

Offers commissioned electronic images of loved ones, ancestors, and pets, portraying physical features with realism and revealing personality and...

Category: Computer Generated Art - Artists ( | United States)

Reproductions of ancient greek treasures including statues, pottery, armor, and Byzantine Orthodox icons.

Category: Craft Supplies - Wholesale Craft Supplies

Etchall ( | United States)

Non-acid and reusable glass etching products.

Category: Glass - Etching