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A confluence of crafts & craftsmen
... rosewood carvings, wood craft from Karnataka, Solapith and Jute crafts of West Bengal, wall hanging and traditional toys of Gujarat and incensed wax candles of Pondicherry. In addition, there are Talli Zutti from Haryana, stuffed toys, brass metal ...


Piece of Craft: Swirled Paint Ornaments - The State Press
Piece of Craft: Swirled Paint Ornaments
The State Press
Add some crafts to your tree. Photo courtesy of younghouselove.com. Today, I want to focus on tree ornaments. I don't really celebrate Christmas anymore (we used to go to my grandparent's house on my mom's side every year when I lived back East, ...


Creative Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids and Adults - Patch.com
Creative Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids and Adults
Younger kids can make crafts out of construction paper, leaves, paint or whatever you have laying around the house. Everyone loves the innocence and love put into a homemade gift from a child. Search the web for activities for you age child. ...

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Whitehead, Robert (whiteheadcarvings.com | United States)
Whitehead, Robert

Detailed wood carvings including reliefs, cuttaways, mantles, carved doors, and wood sculptures.

Category: Wood Crafts - Artists

Yogi's Wood Carvings (yogiswoodcarvings.com | United States)

Chainsaw-carved bears, furniture, and signs.

Category: Wood Crafts - Woodworking

Christmas Carvings (carvedchristmas4u.com | United States)
Christmas Carvings

Hand carved Christmas items Santas, angels, nativities, and snow people.

Category: Wood Crafts - Carving

Bethlehem Handicrafts (bethlehemhandicrafts.com | United States)
Bethlehem Handicrafts

Bethlehem Handicrafts, the olive wood factory creates all the olive wood carvings by using wood that is pruned from young trees and the sprouts of...

Category: Art

Custom Wood Carving By Alexander (customwoodcarving.com | Canada)
Custom Wood Carving By Alexander

Carves furniture panels, wood sculptures, fireplace mantles, antiques, and more. Specializing in wildlife scenes.

Category: Wood Crafts - Carving

Dewey, Don (deweysfishcarving.com | United States)
Ferguson, David W. (dwhittlings.com | United States)
Ferguson, David W.

Distinctive wood sculptures from this chainsaw artist.

Category: Wood Crafts - Woodworking

Quantum Chainsaw Carving (chainsawcarving.co.uk)
Quantum Chainsaw Carving

Professional chainsaw carvings and commissioned pieces, including a series on display at Drumlanrig Castle.

Category: Wood Crafts - Woodworking

After Dust and Shavings (dust-n-shavings.com | United States)
After Dust and Shavings

A gallery of realistic wood carvings of people known or imagined, and wildlife relief carvings.

Category: Wood Crafts - Carving

Kristi, Nawman (mallcourt.com | United States)
Kristi, Nawman

Features carousel menagerie animals, nudes, custom guitar bodies, and other wood carvings.

Category: Wood Crafts - Artists

Womack, Bob (bobwomack.com | United States)
Womack, Bob

Sculptor based in Colorado exploring the natural beauty of wood knots and textures in abstract wood sculptures.

Category: Wood Crafts - Artists

Crystals' Creations (creations_c.tripod.com | United States)
Crystals' Creations

Hand-painted wood work and candles.

Category: Directories - Decorative Painting

Beyond the Safari (beyondthesafari.com | United States)
Beyond the Safari

Selling African crafts, including baskets, masks, sculpture, and jewelry.

Category: Cultures and Groups - African

Woodies Wood Sculpture (sleepingchainsaw.com | United States)
Woodies Wood Sculpture

Specializing in wood sculpting and carvings, ranging from wildlife renderings to furniture, using natural hardwoods and standing trees.

Category: Wood Crafts - Woodworking

HipShot Wood Carving (hipshotwood.com | United States)
HipShot Wood Carving

Hand carved custom woodcarvings and sculptures. We carve your vision in wood. Carved wood originals in your design or ours. Original hand carved...

Category: Wood Crafts - Carving

Dux' Dekes Decoy Company (duxdekes.com | United States)
Dux' Dekes Decoy Company

Offering handcrafted finished and unfinished wooden duck decoys, bird carvings, and wood carving books.

Category: Wood Crafts - Tramp Art

Carson, Doug (carsoncarving.com)
Carson, Doug

Hand-carved wildlife, wood spirits, totem poles, and more.

Category: Wood Crafts - Artists

Spray Paint Art (artistwilldo.com | United States)
Spray Paint Art

Spray paint Art is an art form using spray paint, traditionally on posterboard, but can be done on any non-porous material, such as wood, metal,...

Category: Art - Painting

Michigan Made Gift Company (michiganmadegiftco.com | United States)
Michigan Made Gift Company

Custom and personalized wood sign company based in Michigan. We also offer home wood sign paint parties in South East Michigan.

Category: Art

Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA) (ucota.or.ug | Sweden)
Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA)

Community tourism project that empowers local communities in sustainable development through small-scale tourism and handicraft enterprises. crafts...

Category: Cultures and Groups - African