Floor show - expressandstar.com
Floor show
Trim off the excess neatly using a craft knife and metal ruler. If you cut the vinyl too short, either pull some over from the other side of the room (if possible), or hide your mistake with a piece of beading, which you can fix to the skirting board. ...

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Arts and Crafts houses stand the test of time - Telegraph.co.uk
Arts and Crafts houses stand the test of time
The construction and integrity of Arts and Crafts houses has withstood the test of time. Lynton, Upper Colquhoun Street, Helensburgh A superbly built, undemonstrative house, by William Leiper, 1908: the Arts and Crafts eschewed ostentation. ...


Christmas Exhibition at the Wistin Camilleri Gozo Centre - Gozo News
Gozo News
Christmas Exhibition at the Wistin Camilleri Gozo Centre
Gozo News
... Christmas artefacts related to the different subjects offered at the Centre, such as art, pottery, glass, silver, metal, wood, stone, gilding, embroidery, lace, parchment, beading, curtain making & soft furnishing, sugar craft and thread filigree. ...

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Van Sciver Bobbin Lace & Lacemaking (vansciverbobbinlace.com | United States)
Van Sciver Bobbin Lace & Lacemaking

Largest & fastest USA source of in-stock bobbin lacemaking supplies. Van Sciver bobbin lace Purveyor of the Finest Quality Lacemaking...

Category: Lacemaking

Lace, Lacemaking Supplies & Antique Lace (lacemaking.com | United States)
Lace, Lacemaking Supplies & Antique Lace

lace, Lacemaking Supplies & Antique lace: Belgian and English lace bobbins, Battenberg & Princess lace tapes, lace tools, antique lace,...

Category: Lacemaking

Van Sciver Bobbin Lace (vansciverbobbinlace.com | United States)
Van Sciver Bobbin Lace

Purveyor of the Finest Quality Lacemaking Supplies and Instruction for over 35 years. We provide worldwide service and now accepting Visa, Master...

Category: Lacemaking

Alamo Bobbin Lacers (home.earthlink.net | United States)
Alamo Bobbin Lacers

An IOLI charter group, meets in San Antonio, Texas. Includes photos of annual demonstrations at the Folklife Festival.

Category: Lacemaking

Great Lakes Lace Group Inc. (gllgi.org | Algeria)
Great Lakes Lace Group Inc.

This group sponsors teacher certifications in bobbin, tape, and tatted laces.

Category: Lacemaking

Ann Moore's Lacemakers' Collection (gulliver-pp.com | United States)
Ann Moore's Lacemakers' Collection

Offers bobbin lace patterns for sale.

Category: Needlework

New England Lace Group (nelg.us | United States)
New England Lace Group

Promoting the making, collecting and studying of all laces throughout the New England area. NELG is a group of lace makers who wish to interest...

Category: Lacemaking

Stitch Away (stitchaway.com | United States)
Stitch Away

Fabric mounts and floor stands to hold cross stitch, needlepoint, and petit point in place while stitching. Also offers accessories and supplies.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Avital's Fibers (angelfire.com | United States)
Avital's Fibers

Avital designed a printable pricking for a bobbin lace tablecloth and a Star of David tatting pattern. Her gallery contains examples of 3 different...

Category: Lacemaking

The Lace Guild (laceguild.demon.co.uk | United Kingdom)
The Lace Guild

British lace Guild educates on all aspects of lacemaking through their lace Magazine and other publications, conferences, certifications, and young...

Category: Lacemaking

OIDFA (oidfa.com | Netherlands)

OIDFA comes from the French name, in English The International bobbin and Needle lace Organisation. This is a world-wide lace organisation that is...

Category: Lacemaking

Lace Magazine International (lacemagazine.com | United States)
Lace Magazine International

Devoted to handmade bobbin and needle lace.

Category: Lacemaking

Bedford College of Lace Making (bedfordcollegeoflacemaking.com | United States)
Bedford College of Lace Making

Bedford College of lace Making, the only school dedicated to learning different disciplines of lace making in the United States of America. The...

Category: Lacemaking

Church Meadow Crafts (churchmeadowcrafts.com | United Kingdom)
Church Meadow Crafts

Church Meadow Crafts: Supplying lacemakers since 1983. For almost 30 years Church Meadow Crafts have provided a full range of lacemaking products...

Category: Lacemaking

Paragon Enterprises (paragon.homestead.com | United States)
Paragon Enterprises

Offers a scroll floor stand in several sizes and colors. Also kits and charts for cross stitch.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Australian Lace Guild (austlaceguild.org | Australia)
Australian Lace Guild

ALG's contains information on the various branches of the guild, membership, and their magazine. It includes information museums and exhibits,...

Category: Lacemaking

The Lacemaker (lacemakerusa.com | United States)
The Lacemaker

We offer a full range of supplies, tools and accessories for bobbin lace, tatting, crochet, knitting, needlework and weaving. Our bobbin lace book...

Category: Lacemaking

Brian Goodwin - Lacemaking Accessories (briangoodwin.co.uk)
Brian Goodwin - Lacemaking Accessories

Brian creates tools and accessories for bobbin lacers, plus charming lacemaking miniatures.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Wendy's Crafty Hands (durell.me.uk)
Wendy's Crafty Hands

A personal pictorial history and description of Wendy's embroidery, lacemaking, beadwork and parchmentcraft projects, to encourage anyone with a...

Category: Needlework - Personal Pages

Bobbin Lace European Network (blen.net)
Bobbin Lace European Network

This database has entries in the following categories: laces, census and biographies of lacemakers, designers, bibliographies, glossaries,...

Category: Lacemaking