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Culinary Crafts - More Christmas Cheer
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I was a lot more “crafty” in my younger years, having more time and better eyesight for things like needlework and any craft that involved a glue gun. Several years ago, I put away my crochet needles and traded in my heated glue gun for a bottle of ...


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Winelight By Vintage Concepts ( | United States)
Winelight By Vintage Concepts

A Winelight is an insert, with a wick, that fits into the opening of a glass bottle and converts it into a beautiful romantic oil lamp. Our...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Skyline Glass Studios LLC ( | United States)
Skyline Glass Studios LLC

Cheese boards, clocks and windchimes made from melted bottles.

Category: Glass

Country Wine Crafts ( | United States)
Country Wine Crafts

Handcrafted wine theme gift and accessory items from Country Wine Crafts.Custom designs created from your photos make great memories. Let us...

Category: Glass - Painting

Acme Klein Bottle ( | United States)
Acme Klein Bottle

Blown glass Moebius vessels; zero-volume but non-zero capacity topological curiosities.

Category: Glass

Let's Make Candles ( | United States)
Let's Make Candles

Provides instructions for choosing the right candle making wax, wick, scents, and molds, plus project ideas and answers to questions about the...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Fabulous Glass ( | Netherlands)
Fabulous Glass

Karen Brining melts recycled wine bottles in a kiln to form cheese trays, bread boards, and snack platters.

Category: Glass - Etching

Wick Your Wax ( | United States)
Wick Your Wax

Provides candle making kits.

Category: Craft Supplies

The Wick Hut Candle Company ( | United States)
The Wick Hut Candle Company

The wick Hut Candle Company has been offering 100% hand-crafted, highly-scented candles and other fine products since 2005. Our low priced scented...

Category: Candles

Cobblestone Mill ( | United States)
Cobblestone Mill

Offers a selection of finished and unfinished bottle gourds.

Category: Craft Supplies

4Candles UK ( | United Kingdom)
4Candles UK

Candle Making Supplies For The UK and EU. 4Candles UK offers candle making supplies for craft, hobby and small business. A supply of quality...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Emerald Stitch ( | United States)
Emerald Stitch

Custom hand sewn accent pillows, wine bottle covers, pot holders, aprons, and tote bags.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Weilun Glass Co., Ltd ( | China)
Weilun Glass Co., Ltd

We are a NO.1 glass factory in china, glass supplier in china, china glass manufacturer,shenzhen glass painter.are you looking for glass factory in...

Category: Glass

The Flat Bottle Company (
The Flat Bottle Company

Clocks and cheese platters made from flattened recycled bottles.

Category: Glass

Coleman Creations ( | United States)
Coleman Creations

Handcraft a variety of woodcrafts, specializing in wood topped bottle stoppers. Also including games, birdhouses and pens.

Category: Wood Crafts

Longwyck Candle Works ( | United States)
Longwyck Candle Works

Longwyck Candle Works, Your online Candle Making Supplies Store Wax, Scent, wick, Dye, Gel, Additives, Incense, Melters and much more! Longwyck...

Category: Candles

Goulet Pens ( | United States)
Goulet Pens

Handcrafted wood and acrylic pens, wine bottle stoppers, and letter openers.

Category: Wood Crafts - Woodworking

Yuma Gourd Farm ( | United States)
Yuma Gourd Farm

Offers a variety of hard shelled gourds, including bottle, kettle, canteen, dipper, gooseneck and minis that can be used for jewelry.

Category: Craft Supplies

Dream Candles ( | United States)

Dream Candles are precision machined from nylon with a precision machined brass wick holder. You simply fill the candle with 99% pure paraffin lamp...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Bee in a Bottle Illustration: Nancy DesRosiers ( | United States)
Bee in a Bottle Illustration: Nancy DesRosiers

Offering work for publishing, advertising, editorial, and children's markets. Working in oil pastels, colored pencils, and mixed media.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Illustration

Roysam Cosmetic Packaging Factory ( | China)

Roysam Cosmetic Packaging Factory established in 2000, specializing in cosmetic packaging, we have more than 3000 types of products, mainly are:...

Category: Glass - Blowing