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A confluence of crafts & craftsmen
... rosewood carvings, wood craft from Karnataka, Solapith and Jute crafts of West Bengal, wall hanging and traditional toys of Gujarat and incensed wax candles of Pondicherry. In addition, there are Talli Zutti from Haryana, stuffed toys, brass metal ...


Crafty holiday shopping in the city - Newsday
Crafty holiday shopping in the city
Union and Columbus offer soaps, candles, Tibetan crafts and more. Dekalb, set in a series of metal shipping containers, has an edgier vibe. WHEN | WHERE Union Square Holiday Market open weekdays 11 am-8 pm, Saturdays 10 am-8 pm, Sundays 11 am-7 pm ...


Yuletide arts and crafts projects - Visalia Times-Delta
Yuletide arts and crafts projects
Visalia Times-Delta
Fansett suggests adding decorative jewels that can be purchased from craft and hobby stores to the outside of ornaments. This principle can also be applied to candles. A splash of enamel paint or augmenting an ornament with a ribbon or bow can boost ...

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Highly Scented Candles (stormpc.com | United States)
Highly Scented Candles

We carry a complete line of scented candles, a scented candle for all occasions, scented candles and accessories with pictures, and sections...

Category: Candles

Pine Tree Candle Company (pinetreecandlecompany.com | United States)
Pine Tree Candle Company

Pine Tree Candle Company is a family owned business since 2000 producing highly scented candles. We specialize in clamshell wax melts, votives and...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

The Flameless Candle Store (theflamelesscandlestore.com | United States)
The Flameless Candle Store

Beautiful, Safe and Worry-Free candles. The Flameless Candle Store aims to provide the best information on Flameless candles. We offer a wide...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Beeswax Candle Company (beeswaxcandleco.com | United States)
Beeswax Candle Company

Our candles are made with 100% pure, unbleached, all natural beeswax. Natually hypoallergenic, beeswax candles do not produce the toxins or soot...

Category: Candles

Kountry Lights Candles (kountrylights.com | United States)
Kountry Lights Candles

Kountry Lights™ candles is a small business located in central Florida. We pride ourselves on creating some of the best scented candles offered...

Category: Candles

Hat Creek Candles (hatcreekcandle.com | United States)

Hat Creek Candle Company was started in a Watertown kitchen in the fall of 1999. You can shop with confidence with the Hat Creek Candle company....

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Can-Do-Candles (can-do-candles.com | United States)

Features handmade candles, bath and body products, soap, sachets and potpourri.

Category: Craft Supplies

It Makes Scents Candles (itmakesscentscandles.com | United States)
It Makes Scents Candles

Longlasting Scented candles & Oils with many fragrances and sizes to choose from! Refresh your home from the winter doldrums with our two new...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Body Encounters (bodyencounters.com | United States)
Body Encounters

Earth friendly and cruelty free skincare, bathcare, aromatherapy, candles, neck and eye pillows, scent diffusers, and self tan.

Category: Craft Supplies

Carriage Candle Company (carriagecandle.com | United States)
Carriage Candle Company

At Carriage Candle, we believe in crafting Superior candles with the strongest scent possible. We want the aroma to fill your home and your senses....

Category: Candles

The Wick Hut Candle Company (thewickhut.com | United States)
The Wick Hut Candle Company

The Wick Hut Candle Company has been offering 100% hand-crafted, highly-scented candles and other fine products since 2005. Our low priced scented...

Category: Candles

Honey Candle (honeycandle.com | United States)
Honey Candle

Beeswax is a 100% natural product. It is derived from the same source as honey, therefore, when they burn, they fill the room with the scent of...

Category: Candles

Aroma Haven and Rustic Escentuals (rusticescentuals.com | United States)
Aroma Haven and Rustic Escentuals

We are, a homegrown business that started in a garage in 1999, providing individual purchase and wholesale candle making & soap making...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Nutfield Candle Company (nutfieldcandle.com | United States)
Nutfield Candle Company

Nutfield Candle Company, established in 2002, is a southern New Hampshire based family operation. In keeping with New Hampshire's homespun, country...

Category: Candles

Lakeshore Candle Company (lakeshorecandlecompany.com | United States)
Lakeshore Candle Company

At Lakeshore Candle Company, we pride ourselves on creating the finest scented candles available on the market today. Our hand-crafted candles are...

Category: Candles

Scent-Sations, Inc. (bellascandles.scent-team.com | United States)
Scent-Sations, Inc.

Mia Bella's Gourmet Home Fragrance products include the highest quality candles, soaps, washes, melts, and air fresheners, as well as the most...

Category: Candles

Scent It (scentit.com | United States)
Scent It

Fragrance Oils for Candle Scents, Soap Making, Craft Scenting and More. Our manufacturer has been creating quality scenting oils since 1964. We...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Scentsy Candles (thesafestcandles.com | United States)
Scentsy Candles

Scentsy Electric Candle Warmers are a safe, flameless alternative to flamed scented wicked candles! Our Candle Warmers melt and warm the candle wax...

Category: Candles

Salt City Candle Company (saltcitycandle.com.au | Australia)
Salt City Candle Company

Salt City Candle uses a top quality blend of both natural & synthetic fragrance oils in our candle products. Our oils are concentrated to...

Category: Candles

Willowwoods Candles & Candlemaking Supplies (willowwoods.net | United States)
Willowwoods Candles & Candlemaking Supplies

Offers fragrance oils, wax, wicks, sparkling glitter, and more.

Category: Craft Supplies