Get Out: Pacific Standard Time Heads to OC, Geoff McFetridge's Ceramics ... - LAist
Get Out: Pacific Standard Time Heads to OC, Geoff McFetridge's Ceramics ...
CERAMICS: Artist Geoff McFetridge will be talking about his collaboration with Heath Ceramics with LA Studio Director Adam Silverman at the store today at 2pm. Heath Ceramics is located at 7525 Beverly Blvd. The show runs through December 31, ...


China Ceramics is Among the Companies in the Building Products Industry With ... - Financial News Network Online
China Ceramics is Among the Companies in the Building Products Industry With ...
Financial News Network Online
China Ceramics (NASDAQ:CCCL) is lowest with EV/Sales of 0.04. China Ceramics Co Ltd manufactures ceramic tiles used for exterior siding and for interior flooring and design in residential and commercial buildings. China Ceramics share prices have moved ...


Review: Ceramics illustrate utility and grace - Journal and Courier
Review: Ceramics illustrate utility and grace
Journal and Courier
A short drive to Crawfordsville to visit the Eric Dean Gallery, Fine Arts Center at Wabash College will be a delightful experience for all mud slingers and ceramics lovers alike. Part of the vast ceramics holding of local collectors Bruno and Mary ...

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El Curandero Gallery ( | Guatemala)
El Curandero Gallery

Guatemalan Antique dealer, we sell slingshots, ceramics, masks, textiles, handmade (crafted) furniture, etc.

Category: Cultures and Groups

Lotus African Masks ( | United States)
Lotus African Masks

Lotus masks sells tribal masks and statues including West African masks, Tibetan masks, and Indonesian masks.

Category: Cultures and Groups - African

El Curandero Gallery ( | United States)
El Curandero Gallery

Offers Guatemalan masks, wooden figures, slingshots, ceramics, paintings, and textiles.

Category: Cultures and Groups

Hand-Made Theatre Masks ( | United States)
Hand-Made Theatre Masks

Custom theatre masks by Jonathan Becker. Theatre masks provides masks to professional theatres, individual artists, and educational institutions...

Category: Craft Supplies - Masks

La Pasat ( | United States)
La Pasat

masks, sarongs, ceramics, primtives, and other unique gifts from Indonesia.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Indonesian

Yvonne's Cultural Images ( | United States)
Yvonne's Cultural Images

Egyptian, African American and ethnic ceramics: heads and masks.

Category: Needlework - Personal Pages

Novica ( | United States)

Offering art, handicrafts, tapestries, masks, ceramics, paintings, and creative works from artists in Peru, Brazil, Central America, Africa, and...

Category: Cultures and Groups

Masks & Make-Believe ( | United States)
Masks & Make-Believe

masks & Make-Believe, since 1986, has been a leading mask and Mardi Gras shop in downtown New Orleans. A year following Katrina we closed our...

Category: Craft Supplies - Masks

Kitsune (

Provides antiques and handicrafts including lacquer art, netsuke, ojime, okimono, porcelain, ceramics, shippo, and metal work.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Japanese

Sarajane's Poly Clay ( | United States)
Sarajane's Poly Clay

There are over 200 pages full of pictures and info about polymer clay, textiles, beads, dolls, miniatures, costumes, masks and collectables...

Category: Polymer Clay

Birstein, Suzy ( | United States)
Birstein, Suzy

Teaches workshops and creates colorful ceramic tableware and sculpture.

Category: Ceramics - Sculptors

Gourd Masque ( | United States)
Gourd Masque

Dave Sisk creates gourd masks using leather dyes, horse hair, feathers, quills and other natural materials.

Category: Craft Supplies

Hands Around the World ( | United States)
Hands Around the World

Handmade items including baskets, pottery, jewelry, musical instruments, sculpture, and religious items.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Native American

Made in Firenze ( | Italy)
Made in Firenze

Sells handcrafted ceramics, pottery, leather bags, executive gifts, stationary, chess sets, masks, and more.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Italian

Polli ( | Canada)

Creator of clay stoneware masks, with faces that are symbolic in nature. Site includes photo gallery of the masks, the artist's statement, and her...

Category: Ceramics - Sculptors

Ramayana Masks ( | United States)
Ramayana Masks

Sells Thai-style masks based on Ramayana epic. Includes information about Khon.

Category: Cultures and Groups

Masks ( | United States)

Mask Crafts for kids. Kindergarten, preschool, and elementary school crafts. Make wonderful, simple masks using things found around the house.

Category: Craft Supplies - Masks

Ford, Rochelle ( | United States)
Ford, Rochelle

Specializes in indoor and outdoor sculptures, cultural masks, and unusual jewelry from recycled metal.

Category: Metal Crafts - Sculpture

African Mecca Art & Culture ( | United States)
African Mecca Art & Culture

Promoting African art and crafts from Kenya including soapstone sculptures, wooden carvings, tribal masks, and Maasai figurines.

Category: Cultures and Groups - African

R & R Ceramics ( | United Kingdom)
R & R Ceramics

In our online store-front, you will find a large selection of Bisque ceramics. R&R ceramics has over six-thousand Bisque Items to choose from...

Category: Ceramics - Decorative