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Crystal's Creations ( | United States)

Custom dance costumes, gowns, and fashions for men and women.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Curtain Call Costumes ( | United States)
Curtain Call Costumes

Offers dance costumes, footwear, and accessories for lyrical and classical ballet, jazz, and tap.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Wish Come True, A ( | United States)
Wish Come True, A

Manufactures costumes and accessories, children's dressup apparel, dance recital, and drill team items.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Costumes and Clothing for Dolls ( | United States)
Costumes and Clothing for Dolls

Free patterns added weekly in many styles.

Category: Needlework - Sewing

BellyRoll Costumes ( | United States)
BellyRoll Costumes

Offers custom made tribal style bellydance costumes and accessories.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Heaven Sent Designs ( | Germany)
Heaven Sent Designs

Offers religious costumes and Christian banners.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Religious

Costume Workshop, The ( | United States)
Costume Workshop, The

Supplier of costume books and videos, patterns, millinary and corset supplies, theatrical gifts, and rental costumes.

Category: Craft Supplies - Sewing

Deirdre of London ( | United States)
Deirdre of London

Women's ballroom dance gowns and dresses as well as men's formal dancewear.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Wolff Fording & Company ( | United States)
Wolff Fording & Company

Collection of costumes, trims, fabrics, and accessories for dance wear.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Lost Treasures ( | United States)
Lost Treasures

Handcrafted Egyptian imported gifts and keepsakes featuring jewelry, statues, and more.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Egyptian

Lynchs Theatrical Store ( | United States)
Lynchs Theatrical Store

Theatrical and clown makeup, dance shoes, leotards, tights, costumes, masks and more.

Category: Art - Art Schools

L. Rose Designs ( | United States)
L. Rose Designs

Online catalog featuring elegant silk and velvet designs for the Middle Eastern dancer, including tops, belts, harem pants, veils, skirts, and vests.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Pyramid Imports ( | United States)
Pyramid Imports

Sells Egyptian arts, crafts, belly dancing costumes, tablas, Arabic music, and more.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Egyptian

Ganesha Bazaar ( | United States)
Ganesha Bazaar

Specializing in bellydance, tribal style, and gypsy costumes and accessories.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Brasil Tropical ( | United States)
Brasil Tropical

costumes and performers from the Rio Carnival.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Bohemian Market ( | United States)
Bohemian Market

Offers Middle Eastern and tribal dance costumes and accessories.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Aliah's Closet ( | United States)
Aliah's Closet

Catalog of belly dancing and Middle Eastern costumes and jewelry.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Tutu Etoile ( | United States)
Tutu Etoile

Custom made performance and rehearsal tutus, travel bags and contemporary dance costumes for companies and the individual dancer.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Topkapi Designs ( | United States)

Offers Turkish belly dance supplies and costumes.

Category: Art - Art Schools