'Hugo' Catapults Movies to a Higher Art Form - Reuters
'Hugo' Catapults Movies to a Higher Art Form
However, as art is a catalyst to expand your consciousness and find relevance in your world -- where it may have not occurred before -- then with “Hugo,” Martin Scorsese has created a celluloid Pieta that's showing on screens across the country. ...
Movie Reviews: Hugo, The Muppets & Arthur ChristmasPatch.com

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'Work of Art' recap: Selling out is an art form - Los Angeles Times
New York Magazine
'Work of Art' recap: Selling out is an art form
Los Angeles Times
On Wednesday's new episode of "Work of Art" on Bravo, contestants learned all about the art of selling out, or as most people in the art world know it as, business as usual. The remaining six contestants were challenged to hit the streets -- actually a ...
Work Of Art: Episode 8, Cash BoxHuffington Post
'Work of Art': TV's Strangest DelightThe Atlantic Wire
"Work of Art" Recap: Practicing Their Plan Bs, the Contestants Sell Their Body ...ARTINFO
Entertainment Weekly (blog) -Realitywanted -New York Magazine
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Honing your crafts - New York Post
Honing your crafts
New York Post
When the thought of one more day at the mall makes you feel ill, then try another form of masochism: making gifts by yourself. These magazines can take some pain out of the process. If you've maxed out on your credit card, nothing says do-it-yourself ...


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Classact Designs (classactjh.bizland.com | United States)
Classact Designs

Offers fitting/patternmaking workshops and seminars on "Body Drafting". Description of courses, contact information.

Category: Needlework - Residential Courses

Atlanta Thread & Supply Company (store.atlantathread.com)
Atlanta Thread & Supply Company

Online shop for all your sewing needs. Atlanta Thread & Supply offers cutting machines, drapery supplies, threads, fasteners, hooks, irons,...

Category: Craft Supplies - Sewing

Jane Foster's Design Studio (janefosterdesign.com | United States)
Jane Foster's Design Studio

Offers classes in sewing covering special fitting, garment construction, skirts and wearable art.

Category: Needlework - Sewing

English Cut (englishcut.com | United Kingdom)
English Cut

Blog by Thomas Mahon, a bespoke Savile Row tailor in London.

Category: Craft Supplies - Sewing

rag & bone (rag-bone.com | United States)
rag & bone

From its origins in New York in 2002, rag & bone instantaneously distinguished itself by combining their British heritage with directional,...

Category: Craft Supplies

Cloth of Gold (clothofgold.com | United Kingdom)
Cloth of Gold

Specializes in bridal and dress fabric and patterns. Also offers a mail order service.

Category: Textiles

Farthingales Fabrics by Mail (farthingales.on.ca | Canada)
Farthingales Fabrics by Mail

Corseting and costuming fabrics and supplies.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Renaissance Tailor, The (vertetsable.com | Spain)
Renaissance Tailor, The

Guide to 16th and 17th century tailoring techniques, with pattern sources, demonstrations, and a shop offering colars, cuffs, and ruffs.

Category: Craft Supplies - Sewing

The Needlewoman (needlewoman.com)
The Needlewoman

Specializing in custom order only beading and embroidery for men, women, and children.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

International Free Form Crochet Guild (freeformcrochet.com | United States)
International Free Form Crochet Guild

An introduction to free form crochet with examples, links, and a Yahoo! Group for free form crochet fans.

Category: Knitting and Crocheting

Bandage World (wholesalebandagedress.com | United States)
Bandage World

Founded in 2005, we are professional retailers and wholesalers of high quality Bandage Dresses online. We have enjoyed a good reputation in this...

Category: Knitting and Crocheting - Shopping and Services

Doll Palace (thedollpalace.com | United States)
Doll Palace

Cartoon Dolls (Dollz) and Doll Makers of the World. The best Dollz dress Up Games and Dollmakers of any kind. The Doll Palace has a tremendous...

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Art Dolls

Doll X-dress by Trudy (trudyburns.com | United States)
Doll X-dress by Trudy

Fashions for the American Girl doll, including swimsuits and party dresses.

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Clothing and Accessories

Asian Ideas (asianideas.com | United States)
Asian Ideas

Offers kimonos, buddha and dragon statues, slippers, Chinese clothing, and personalized writing.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Chinese

Beautiful Designs (beautifuldesigns.ltd.uk | United Kingdom)
Beautiful Designs

We believe that our enthusiasm and passion along with our expertise will make choosing your wedding dress with us an enjoyable and relaxing...

Category: Art

Association of Sewing and Design Professionals (ASDP) (paccprofessionals.org | United States)
Association of Sewing and Design Professionals (ASDP)

The Association of Sewing and Design Professionals (formerly Professional Association of Custom Clothiers) has approximately 400 members across the...

Category: Craft Supplies - Sewing

Bonfit Patterners (telusplanet.net | Canada)
Bonfit Patterners

Offers kits for drafting slacks, skirts, bodice and dress patterns.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Tailor, Needle & Thread (tailorneedlethread.com | United States)
Tailor, Needle & Thread

We are a family-owned business. Zim Dalipi is the owner with the help of his dad, Jimmy Dalipi. We have been in business for over 35 years. Tailor,...

Category: Needlework

Flo Kerr (ballroomdresses.com | United States)
Flo Kerr

Custom-made ballroom dresses by Flo Kerr. Includes instructions on taking accurate measurements as well as photo galleries of dresses.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Fashion Doll Fantasy (fashiondollfantasy.50g.com | United States)

dress designs to fit 11.5" fashion dolls.

Category: Knitting and Crocheting - Crochet