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Goose Feather Trees (feathertreekits.com | United States)
Goose Feather Trees

Offers kits in various colors and sizes. Also pickle ornaments, fences, dyed feathers, and accessories.

Category: Craft Supplies

Sun-Catchers.Com (sun-catchers.com | United States)

Catalog includes suncatchers, night lights, and wind chimes.

Category: Glass - Stained

Lamplight Feathers (tonyhill.net | United States)
Lamplight Feathers

Sells decorative array including peacock, pheasant, ostrich, guinea, macaw, marabou, and rooster.

Category: Craft Supplies

Custom Feathers (customfeathers.com | United States)
Custom Feathers

Sells wild turkey feathers and parts for taxidermy, archery, crafts, fly-fishing. Also painted feathers and Native American Indian regalia.

Category: Craft Supplies

Plumes and Feathers (plumesnfeathers.com | United States)
Plumes and Feathers

Speciality is peacock feathers. Others include turkey, ostrich, goose, coque, guinea, pheasants, and duck. Also sells porcupine quills and human hair.

Category: Craft Supplies

Spiritual Stained Glass (spiritualstainedglass.co.uk | United States)
Spiritual Stained Glass

Abstract suncatchers in religious and spiritual themes.

Category: Glass - Stained

Blue Feather Products, Inc. (blue-feather.com | United States)
Blue Feather Products, Inc.

Sewing notions and craft tools.

Category: Craft Supplies - Sewing

SuncatchersDelight.com (suncatchersdelight.com)

Features stained glass suncatchers. Designs include birds, butterflies, suns, stars, dragonflies, dragons, wizards and fairies.

Category: Glass - Stained

Changing Colors (changingcolors.nstemp.com | United States)
Changing Colors

Specializes in suncatchers and windchimes.

Category: Glass - Stained

Abe's Plates (abesplates.com | United States)
Abe's Plates

Handcrafted enameled fused-glass dinnerware, suncatchers and garden ornaments.

Category: Glass

Go To Great Panes (gotogreatpanes.com | United States)
Go To Great Panes

suncatchers, trinket boxes, mirrors by New York state artists.

Category: Glass - Stained

Peaceful Heart Stained Glass (peacefulheartstainedglass.com | United States)
Peaceful Heart Stained Glass

Selling custom designed windows, and sun catchers for yoga and healing touch practitioners.

Category: Glass - Stained

Cyna Unltd ArtDeco Dreamcatchers and Jewelry (cynaunltd.com | United States)
Cyna Unltd ArtDeco Dreamcatchers and Jewelry

A selection of vine dreamcatchers, parrot feather jewelry, wood crafts, and walking sticks.

Category: Cultures and Groups - American

Fantasy Glass Studio (fantasyglass.net | United States)
Fantasy Glass Studio

Panels, suncatchers, boxes and candleholders include nautical themes.

Category: Glass - Stained

Angelika Traylor (angelikatraylor.com | United States)
Angelika Traylor

Specializes in contemporary windows, lamps, panels, candle holders and suncatchers.

Category: Glass - Stained

Joan Wells Green Wearable Art (joanwells.com | United States)
Joan Wells Green Wearable Art

Joan Wells GREEN ART Handbags Wearable Art Jewelry Fish Paintings Switchplates. Northwest Artist making,GREEN ART,handbags,wearable art,glass...

Category: Art

Dreamwork Art Glass (dreamworkartglass.com | United States)
Dreamwork Art Glass

Offerings include windows, panels, suncatchers, candleholders, boxes, and windchimes.

Category: Glass - Stained

Vidriosa Glassworks (vidriosa.com | United States)

Offers a wide variety of suncatchers in stained, hot, fused and dichroic styles.

Category: Glass - Stained

Stained Glass Art by Vit-Mar (stainedglass.on.ca | United States)
Stained Glass Art by Vit-Mar

Custom stained glass design and fabrication service, and patterns.

Category: Glass - Stained

Manuela Valenti Stained Glass (geocities.com)

Offers wind chimes, suncatchers, window panels and decorative accessories.

Category: Glass - Stained