Paper crafts workshop during 'HANDMADE' - VillageSoup Belfast
VillageSoup Belfast
Paper crafts workshop during 'HANDMADE'
VillageSoup Belfast
3 from 1 to 4 pm, book artist Candida Pagan will hold a family friendly holiday paper crafts workshop during the "HANDMADE" alternative art and craft show at Waterfall Arts, 356 High St. She will demonstrate how to make holiday themed pop-up cards and ...


TRSA paper says towel study is distorted -
TRSA paper says towel study is distorted
Based in Alexandria, Va., TRSA represents the $16 -billion textile services industry that employs nearly 200000 people at more than 2000 facilities nationwide. These companies provide laundered textiles and other products and services that help ...


Bobby's Bama: Cut paper artist pushes boundaries at local art show - WAFF
Bobby's Bama: Cut paper artist pushes boundaries at local art show
Born in Taiwan in 1962, he has a background as a track star, artist, military man and engineering graduate. Kathryn Silvestri is the marketing and exhibits coordinator at the Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur. "And he also was like an interior ...

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Paper Craft Supplies ( | United States)
Paper Craft Supplies

paper Craft Supplies reviews, product information and specifications at "paper Craft Supplies". Choose from a large selection of products...

Category: Craft Supplies - Papercrafts

Paper Quilling Resources ( | United States)
Paper Quilling Resources

paper Quilling and Introduction to paper quilling resources. On the website of 'paper Quilling Resources', you'll find loads of interesting...

Category: Paper Crafts - Quilling

Catherine Nash ( | United States)
Catherine Nash

My name is Catherine Nash and after more than 25 years of making handmade paper, studying traditional sheetforming in Europe and Japan and teaching...

Category: Paper Crafts - Papermaking

Paperistas ( | Australia)

For all your paper needs, come and see us at Paperistas. We have the largest selection of hand-made craft and art paper. Paperistas offers only...

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

PaperCraft Museum ( | United States)
PaperCraft Museum

Papercraft models take time, effort, and computer-know-how to design, and most papercraft designers have their own website or way of distributing...

Category: Paper Crafts - Museums

ARC Crafts ( | United States)
ARC Crafts

At ARC Crafts you will find the products you need to create fabulous scrapbook layouts, custom invitations, greeting cards, business cards &...

Category: Paper Crafts

Cloth Paper Scissors ( | United States)
Cloth Paper Scissors

Learn mixed-media art! From paper art to art journaling, assemblage to stamping, you’ll find interesting techniques, projects and inspiration.

Category: Paper Crafts

NoteletsByDesign on Etsy ( | United States)
NoteletsByDesign on Etsy

Handmade Note Cards, Gift Tags and Bookmarks. All creations are unique, one-of-a-kind that you will not find anywhere else. These are beautifully...

Category: Paper Crafts - Book Arts

Just Quilling ( | India)
Just Quilling

Kavita K Thakkar ,the founder of just qulling is a papercraft artist and has successfully conducted various classes and workshops on different...

Category: Paper Crafts - Quilling

Mulberry Paper and More ( | United States)
Mulberry Paper and More

Specialty art and craft paper including mulberry paper, banana paper, elephant pooh paper, hand made paper, marbled paper, and more.

Category: Paper Crafts

OmniWing Paper Airplane ( | United States)
OmniWing Paper Airplane

History, conception and construction of the award winning OmniWing paper Airplane.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Hand Papermaking, Inc. ( | Algeria)
Hand Papermaking, Inc.

Non-profit organization promoting the art of hand papermaking.

Category: Paper Crafts - Papermaking

Crafty Bits and Pieces ( | United Kingdom)
Crafty Bits and Pieces

You will find a huge selection of ribbon bows, flowers and trims, lace, most unique to us, ribbons, buttons and other craft items, including...

Category: Craft Fairs

Kool Paper Airplanes ( | United States)
Kool Paper Airplanes

Instructions for folding paper versions of real airplanes with information on the actual planes.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Fogg, F. B. ( | United States)
Fogg, F. B.

Creates handmade, personalized clocks -- dogs, cats, critters and more -- from handmade paper.

Category: Paper Crafts

The North Pom ( | United Kingdom)
The North Pom

The North Pom is essentially a family business, with all our poms and their packaging being produced in Cumbria, UK. We source our tissue paper...

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Papercrafty ( | United Kingdom)

Papercrafty is the site all about origami and paper crafts. I've got a love for paper and I wanted to share it with the world through the website....

Category: Paper Crafts

Paper Crafts Connection ( | United States)
Paper Crafts Connection

As the #1 card making publication, paper Crafts magazine empowers its readers to make personal connections through the art of paper crafting. The...

Category: Paper Crafts

Paper Pieces ( | United States)
Paper Pieces

Offers a large selection of die cut paper shapes for English style paper piece quilting. Reusable paper pieces for portable projects.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Secret Paper Aeroplanes ( | United Kingdom)
Secret Paper Aeroplanes

paper aeroplanes, are great fun to make. The website "Secret paper Aeroplanes" provides free, step-by-step instructions for how to make...

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami