Fine arts pieces wanted - Mississauga
Fine arts pieces wanted
Orangeville artist Steven Volpe placed first in the Visual Arts Mississauga's 33rd annual juried show of fine arts last year. Submissions are being accepted for the 34th show, which takes place Jan. 12 to Feb. 25. File photo Visual Arts Mississauga ...


Mexico awards Fine Arts Medal to Vicente Rojo - Fox News
Mexico awards Fine Arts Medal to Vicente Rojo
Fox News
Mexico City – Spanish-born Mexican artist Vicente Rojo was awarded Mexico's Fine Arts Medal for "his vast experience" in the visual arts and his contributions as a painter, designer and sculptor, the National Fine Arts Institute said. ...

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Tavern of Fine Arts blends cocktails and culture -
Tavern of Fine Arts blends cocktails and culture
Even folks who don't know much about art can get on board with a gallery opening. Why? Because there's usually booze and things to eat while you wander the room pointing out which pieces of art would look nice above your sofa. Tavern of Fine Arts, ...


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Arts Sarasota ( | United States)
Arts Sarasota

Coverage of local theater, music, literature, dance, and other fine arts in Southwest Florida. Reviews of Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice...

Category: Education

Hayward Arts Council ( | United States)
Hayward Arts Council

The Hayward arts Council, over 30 Years, has been promoting all forms Art in the California San Francisco Greater Bay Area. You are invited to...

Category: Art

Kozo Fine Art Materials ( | United States)
Kozo Fine Art Materials

KOZO-fine Art Materials was started in 2006 by Patricia Branstead. An artist herself who has been involved with printmaking-a master printer for 25...

Category: Computer Generated Art - Artists

Louisiana Tech University School of Art ( | United States)
Louisiana Tech University School of Art

We offer the professional Bachelor of fine arts degree in Communication Design, Photography, and Studio (Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking,...

Category: Art - Art Schools

World Wide Arts Resources ( | United States)
World Wide Arts Resources

Interactive gateway to all exemplars of qualitative arts information and culture on the Internet.

Category: Art

UConn Art and Art History ( | United States)
UConn Art and Art History

The UConn School of fine arts Department of Art and Art History offers a Bachelor of fine arts degree in Studio Art and a Bachelor of arts degree...

Category: Art - Art Schools

Livermore Art Association (LAA) ( | United States)
Livermore Art Association (LAA)

The Livermore Art Association (LAA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1957 to promote public interest and appreciation in the fine arts and in...

Category: Cultures and Groups - American

Banner Hill School of Fine Arts & Woodworking ( | United States)
Banner Hill School of Fine Arts & Woodworking

There are not many things more satisfying than to create something that originates from your own mind. To pick up a raw stock of timber, a piece of...

Category: Education

Bantam Fine Arts ( | United States)
Bantam Fine Arts

We are always updating our inventory and invite you to browse our site as often as you wish. We currently have 176 paintings for sale from 134...

Category: Art

Imagesite ( | United States)

Listings for fine, commercial, and structural arts.

Category: Directories

GLOBEarts ( | United States)

fine arts studio creating commissioned paintings, murals, illustrations, drawings, and other fine artwork.

Category: Visual Arts

Frank Stock ( | Canada)
Frank Stock

The site displays Artwork by a contemporary artist. He Studied at the Ontario College of Art, specializing in figure. During his studies in Italy...

Category: Art - Painting

Himanshu Art Institute ( | India)
Himanshu Art Institute

Himanshu Art Institute is a complete institute of fine arts & Craft in Delhi & NCR. The Institute was established by Mr. Mohit Manocha in...

Category: Cultures and Groups - Indian

Japanese Fine by Shukado ( | Japan)
Japanese Fine by Shukado

Japanese fine arts, direct from Ginza, Tokyo. Categories include Ukiyo-e and modern prints, erotica (Shunga), paintings, calligraphy, and more.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Japanese

Color Painting Art ( | China)
Color Painting Art

A social blogger who is having interest to explore the knowledge of color paintings and fine arts appreciation in contemporary visual form. He...

Category: Art - Painting

Fine Art Course in dehradun (https: | India)

Minerva Institute of Management of Technology (MIMT) is an institution for education in arts, fostering the best of talented artists. It is...

Category: Education

Red Wing Arts Association ( | United States)
Red Wing Arts Association

The Red Wing arts Association is the oldest arts association in Red Wing, originating in 1952 as an interactive arts educational program. We are...

Category: Art

Florence Thomas Art School ( | United States)
Florence Thomas Art School

Florence Thomas Art School, Inc. is a non-profit art school made possible by the late Florence Thomas. She was a soft-spoken farm woman, was...

Category: Art - Art Schools

Book Arts ( | United States)

Book arts advances the book as a vital contemporary art form and is dedicated to the preservation of this nearly lost body of knowledge. Book arts...

Category: Paper Crafts - Book Arts

School of Art ( | United States)
School of Art

The School of Art at Illinois State University provides a professional education for students desiring careers in the visual arts. Fully accredited...

Category: Education