A?pattern of love - Marshall Independent
A?pattern of love
Marshall Independent
Sisters Kathy and Mary Eveslage have been warming the hearts of countless people for many years, sharing their passion for knitting with those in need of warm clothing. This year, in addition to knitting sweaters, ...


Piece of Craft: Finding the Perfect Scarf Pattern - The State Press
Piece of Craft: Finding the Perfect Scarf Pattern
The State Press
I'm assuming that after my latest post, all of you made a trip to your local yarn stores, collecting your yarn of choice, knitting needles, and other supplies. ...


Vintage pattern reignites Roberta Sheffer's passion for knitting - TheDay.com
Vintage pattern reignites Roberta Sheffer's passion for knitting
Roberta Sheffer admits she may need some intervention, possibly some professional help in curbing her “mittens-knitting” fascination. Everything her needles touch has a Scandinavian flair to it. “I'm not Scandinavian, ...


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Maddiethekat Beaded Jewelry (maddiethekatbeadedjewelry.com | United States)
Maddiethekat Beaded Jewelry

Handmade beaded purses, jewelry, amulet bags, framed beadwork tapestry and patterns.

Category: Beading

Bead Pattern Central (beadpatterncentral.com | United States)
Bead Pattern Central

Bead patterns for instant download! Bead projects and beading patterns can be sorted by designer, beading technique, or subject. Our free beading...

Category: Beading

ABC Knitting Patterns (abc-knitting-patterns.com | Canada)
ABC Knitting Patterns

Offers free knitting and crochet patterns designed by Elaine Phillips. Includes cardigans, vests, hats, doll clothes, and afghans.

Category: Knitting and Crocheting - Patterns

Beadstruck (beadstruck.com | Canada)

Bead-embellished cabochons, ribbon-bag necklaces and earrings.

Category: Jewelry - Bead

Healing Beadwork (healingbeadwork.com | United States)
Healing Beadwork

Gallery of items including links to inspiration/sources including her "Huge list of beading bookmarks/links".

Category: Beading

BagLady Press, L.L.C. (baglady.com | United States)
BagLady Press, L.L.C.

Publishers of bead knitted pattern books.

Category: Beading

Lazy Girl Designs (lazygirldesigns.com | Canada)
Lazy Girl Designs

Ingenious and fun little designs for the adventuresome quilter. Includes patterns for quilts and purses.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Arhyonel Beadwork and Antiques (arhyonel.com)
Arhyonel Beadwork and Antiques

Features antique beaded purses, frames, bag patterns, handmade jewelry, and Christmas ornaments.

Category: Beading

Craftapalooza (craftapalooza.typepad.com | United States)

Australian shares all things crafty.

Category: Quilting - Weblogs

Carol's Carry-alls (pursepatterns.com | United States)
Carol's Carry-alls

Purse and handbag patterns to order, plus sewing and fabric tips for each pattern.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

ThreadABead (threadabead.com | United Kingdom)

At ThreadABead we are continually adding bead patterns, bead kits and bead supplies to our shop and each month we post a free Bead pattern as a...

Category: Beading

Beadville (beadville.com | United States)

Offering two programs: Bead pattern Designer, and AutoBead, which converts graphic image files and scanned images into bead patterns.

Category: Beading

Beading Daily (beadingdaily.com | United States)
Beading Daily

beading Daily, your place for all things beady, including free projects, new beading and jewelry-making techniques, previews of our latest books...

Category: Beading

Beautiful-Beads-eBook (favecrafts.com | United States)

The near infinite array of beads available to the crafter makes beading a particularly fun and exciting form of creative expression. To help spark...

Category: Beading

Free Applique Patterns (freeapplique.com | United States)
Free Applique Patterns

Offers free wearable applique patterns for apparel. Includes instructions.

Category: Needlework - Sewing

Beadage (beadage.net | United States)

Offers free beading information, instructions, and projects.

Category: Beading

Beadwork at About.com (beadwork.about.com | United States)
Beadwork at About.com

Features free beading patterns, product reviews, tutorials, resource links and beadwork articles.

Category: Jewelry - Bead

Phildar Knitting Collection (phildar.com | France)
Phildar Knitting Collection

The Phildar knitting collection includes a wide range of yarns for the whole family. Browse our pattern books online to discover our knitting...

Category: Knitting and Crocheting

Beading Help Web (beadinghelpweb.com | United States)
Beading Help Web

beading Help Web started in 2005 to provide tips, tutorials, reviews and references for jewelry making enthusiasts at all skill levels. Since its...

Category: Beading

i-bead.com (i-bead.com | United States)

Sells nature and wildlife-themed patterns and kits.

Category: Beading