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Anna Lemons Jewelry ( | United States)
Anna Lemons Jewelry

Featuring wire-wrapped cameos, polished semi-precious gemstones and faceted gemstones.

Category: Jewelry - Wire

Higher Realms Design ( | United States)
Higher Realms Design

Designs enhanced with gemstones such as ajoite, aquamarine, kunzite, moldavite super 7, and tanzanite.

Category: Jewelry - Precious Metal

The Bead Freak Creations ( | United States)
The Bead Freak Creations

Wire wrapped jewelry with gold or silver, featuring dichroic glass, gemstones, and cameos.

Category: Jewelry - Wire

Natural Semi Precious Gemstones ( | India)
Natural Semi Precious Gemstones

Natural Semi Precious gemstones is one of the leading suppliers of earth-mined precious and semi-precious gemstones such as Ruby, Emerald,...

Category: Jewelry - Gemstone

Stowe Gems ( | United States)
Stowe Gems

Stowe Gems is northern Vermont's largest gemstone and jewelry gallery, making original jewelry since 1982. We handcraft our jewelry using fine...

Category: Jewelry

Angela Froud ( | United States)
Angela Froud

Handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches made with new and vintage glass beads, gemstones, and silver.

Category: Jewelry - Bead

Trader Lou ( | United States)
Trader Lou

A shopping site for jewelry, gemstones, beads, and jewelry making supplies.

Category: Beading

Contemporary Concepts ( | United States)
Contemporary Concepts

Handmade wire jewelry created by Janne Etz, using precious metals and semi-precious gemstones and glass.

Category: Jewelry - Wire

Artist in Wire ( | United States)
Artist in Wire

J.D. Hallowell crafts wire-wrapped jewelry from cabochons, gemstones, natural crystals, fossils, and minerals.

Category: Jewelry - Wire

Handmade jewellery by Simone Walsh ( | Australia)
Handmade jewellery by Simone Walsh

Beautiful and contemporary handmade jewellery created by indie designer Simone Walsh.

Created with high quality materials: sterling...

Category: Jewelry - Metalsmiths

Myoshi ( | United States)

Each piece of Myoshi jewelry is handcrafted by Myoshi with gemstones and precious metal. The precious metal pieces are Fine Silver, Sterling Silver...

Category: Jewelry

DianesDangles LLC ( | United States)
DianesDangles LLC

Jewelry Artist. Metalworking mainly with sterling silver. gemstones, sterling, crystals, old and new coins made into unique, colorful, and stylish...

Category: Jewelry

King's Jewellery World ( | Guyana)
King's Jewellery World

King’s is Guyana’s leading Luxury Retailer offering the finest Jewellery, Diamonds, gemstones, Watches, Sunglasses, Handbags, Clothing, Shoes,...

Category: Jewelry

Amber Box ( | United States)
Amber Box

Irma Peredne designs with crystals, pearls, gemstones, silver, and gold.

Category: Jewelry - Bead

Angara Inc. ( | United States)
Angara Inc.

Angara is a word in ancient Sanskrit that means "the fire within." It is with this Angara that the Earth has created our magnificent...

Category: Jewelry - Gemstone

Ailleas Designs by Martha Mawson ( | United Kingdom)
Ailleas Designs by Martha Mawson

Ailleas Designs uses sterling silver and luxury gemstones to create exclusively designed and intricately handcrafted fine jewellery. Each piece is...

Category: Jewelry

Anne Maa Designs ( | United States)
Anne Maa Designs

My background is fashion design.My inspirations come from the stones and materials I use. Their color, feel, texture and shape tell me exactly what...

Category: Jewelry - Gemstone

Planet Bead Online (
Planet Bead Online

Sells glass beads, sterling silver, gemstones, and pearls, as well as beading supplies and tools.

Category: Beading

Earthstone Company ( | United States)
Earthstone Company

Wholesale beads of gemstones and semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls, and more.

Category: Beading

Bagatelle Jewelry (
Bagatelle Jewelry

Sophie Van Tiggelen handcrafts jewelry using lampwork beads, crystal and semi-precious gemstones.

Category: Jewelry