VISUAL ARTS | Come together: Tarnish & Gold gallery re-opens and relocates - Twin Cities Planet
Twin Cities Planet
VISUAL ARTS | Come together: Tarnish & Gold gallery re-opens and relocates
Twin Cities Planet
The debut exhibit at their new location, titled Come Together, featured new work by local artist Michael Carney, as well as an outdoor mural by Pabst Blue Ribbon sponsored artist, Scott Ray. Carney's work consisted of several individual pieces of clay ...


Brew Fest Taps Fun at Annual Festival - Centre View
Brew Fest Taps Fun at Annual Festival
Centre View
"We came to Chantilly eight months ago; DC is perfect for craft beer," said Bill Desrosiers, marketing director for Tall Grass's mid-Atlantic region. "We won a gold metal in the US Open Beer Championship, people seem to like our craftsmanship. ...


Whiz Kid: Emily Gentry, Girl Scout -
Whiz Kid: Emily Gentry, Girl Scout
A junior at Trabuco Hills, this Girl Scout is completing her Gold Award with a knitting project for veterans. By Karen Koczwara Emily Gentry has a heart for veterans. Karen Koczwara Whiz Kid Accomplishment: An 11-year veteran of scouting, ...


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Quick Candles ( | United States)
Quick Candles

Quick candles is the leading internet supplier of votive candles, tealight candles, floating candles, pillar candles and glass candle holders. Our...

Category: Candles ( | United States)

Every day, we strive to provide premium quality products, at warehouse prices, with friendly customer service. We provide some of the largest...

Category: Candles

Yummi Candles ( | Canada)
Yummi Candles

We have been making high quality candles for over 30 years and have the experience and facility to make the right product. Our objective is to pass...

Category: Candles

Candlemart ( | United States)

At Candlemart, customer service is our top priority! We are also committed to providing the information you need about each and every product....

Category: Candles

Highly Scented Candles ( | United States)
Highly Scented Candles

We carry a complete line of scented candles, a scented candle for all occasions, scented candles and accessories with pictures, and sections...

Category: Candles

Candle Delirium ( | United States)
Candle Delirium

Candle Delirium is the #1 destination for luxury scented candles in the world. Whether you are a candle lover, candle freak or candle addict,...

Category: Candles

Firelight Glass (
Firelight Glass

Manufacturer of hand blown oil candles and lamps, votives, floating candles, wicks, and more.

Category: Glass

CandleWhiz ( | United States)

Make Your Own Candle, Candle Making Instructions. Learn The Simple Secrets To Making Homemade candles. Learn Candle Secrets and More! The website...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Discount Candle Shop ( | United States)
Discount Candle Shop

We are quickly growing and will soon have the largest collection of candles, candle accessories, candle supplies, and candle books on the Internet....

Category: Candles

Gold Canyon (https: | United States)
Gold Canyon

gold Canyon is a party-plan candle business offering: home fragrance in the form of scented candles, room sprays and sachets; home d├ęcor in the...

Category: Candles

Aromatherapy Gold ( | United Kingdom)
Aromatherapy Gold

Aromatherapy gold has been developing high quality, exciting aromatherapy based products for over twelve years now. We specialize in the...

Category: Bath & Body

America\'s Candle Merchants ( | United States)
America\'s Candle Merchants

The flame of a candle has come to symbolize many of mankind's highest human qualities. Qualities such as faith, hope, remembrance, freedom, wisdom...

Category: Candles

Culture Shock ( | United States)
Culture Shock

Handmade candles, hand-dipped incense, bath and body, tarot, runes, and perfume bottles.

Category: Craft Supplies

Candles Online ( | Australia)
Candles Online

Australia's personalised candle specialists. Our Baby candles are now available in Deluxe, Standard & Economy Sets. The extra candles make...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Side Effect ( | Australia)
Side Effect

What is gold is your key to unlocking a huge wealth creating opportunity. gold prices have been rising steadily since 2001, when one could buy an...

Category: Craft Supplies - Decorating

Candle 4 Less ( | United States)
Candle 4 Less

We offer some of the best prices for Taper candles, Votive candles, Tealight candles and Pillar candles. We have been decorating many wedding...

Category: Candles

Candles Wholesale - Everydays ( | Sweden)
Candles Wholesale - Everydays

Our grand selection of candles can be found in many retail chains and are used for home decor, birthday parties and special events. We ship...

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Aria Candle ( | United States)
Aria Candle

Since 1992, Aria Candle Company has been delivering beautiful wedding candles, Personalized wedding candles and personalized unity candles that are...

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Keystone Candle ( | United States)
Keystone Candle

When you purchase candles made at Keystone Candle, you will be getting more than just an affordable product. You will be receiving quality candles...

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The Wick Hut Candle Company ( | United States)
The Wick Hut Candle Company

The Wick Hut Candle Company has been offering 100% hand-crafted, highly-scented candles and other fine products since 2005. Our low priced scented...

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