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Artterro: Eco Friendly Art for Kids
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I had a kid craft night the other night... I forgot how much I love kid crafts :) We made a memory game and wool felt bugs from Artterro... each art kit from Artterro is made with 100% post-consumer waste recycled materials. ...

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WoW Leatherworking Guide ( | Canada)
WoW Leatherworking Guide

This guide provides you the cheapest and the quickest way to level leatherworking. It uses patterns obtained only from vendors and trainers. So you...

Category: Leatherworking

Leatherworking - Allods Wiki ( | United States)
Leatherworking - Allods Wiki

leatherworking is a profession that can use Disassembled leather to create new leather armor. To learn leatherworking, you need to visit a...

Category: Leatherworking

Leatherworking ( | Pakistan)

leatherworking Your Ultimate Leather Resource! The site provides quality information on the topic of leatherworking and leathercraft. You can find...

Category: Leatherworking

The History of Leatherworking ( | United Kingdom)
The History of Leatherworking

Leather tanning is undoubtedly one of the oldest crafts known to man. The skins obtained from hunting and breeding were initially used to make...

Category: Leatherworking

Armor Japan ( | United States)
Armor Japan

Sells authentic reproductions of Japanese Samurai armor.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Japanese

Armor Gauntlets ( | Algeria)
Armor Gauntlets

Photographs of gauntlets, anvils and armour smithing tools.

Category: Metal Crafts

Leatherworking Classes ( | United States)
Leatherworking Classes

During this class, you will learn to design and build holsters for any type firearm. You will learn to design your own patterns, what tools are...

Category: Leatherworking

Standing Bear's Trading Post ( | United States)
Standing Bear's Trading Post

Since 1999,Standing Bear's Trading Post has been supplying leathercraft products and leatherwork tools. We are Authorized Sales Centers for Tandy...

Category: Leatherworking

Leatherwork Courses ( | United States)
Leatherwork Courses

The Leatherwork courses provided by Valerie Michael and Neil MacGregor are based upon the techniques described in 'The leatherworking Handbook' and...

Category: Leatherworking

Siegel of California ( | United States)
Siegel of California

Leather supplier offering hides including rawhide, cowhide and deerskin as well as brass hardware and leatherworking tools.

Category: Leatherworking

Eisenkleider ( | Slovakia)

Museum quality parade armor, etched, embossed, gilt...with original 15-17th century etched/embossed designs. Also, family crests and business...

Category: Metal Crafts

ChainMaille: the LORD Randolph Method ( | United States)
ChainMaille: the LORD Randolph Method

This document is intended to assist the novice chain mailer in designing and producing his own suit of armor

Category: Metal Crafts

Armourers Ring (

A home base for armoring information pages on the web. Includes instructional, historical, informational, and armor merchants.

Category: Metal Crafts

Wildwoods Craft Kits ( | United States)
Wildwoods Craft Kits

Educational basket and craft kits featuring pine needles and raffia for children and adults.

Category: Craft Supplies

Armor Crafts ( | United States)
Armor Crafts

Woodworking plans, hardware, clock parts, wooden toy parts, and craft supplies.

Category: Craft Supplies - Wooden Craft Supplies

Mataro Doll (
Mataro Doll

Shop online for handmade traditional Japanese kimekomi dolls, miniature samurai war armor, decoupage, and related items.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Japanese

Duvall Leatherwork ( | United States)
Duvall Leatherwork

Established in 2004, I personally hand manufacture the very best historic reproduction leather gear and military accoutrements money can...

Category: Leatherworking ( | Czech Republic)

Directory of ceramics, leather goods, historical armor, wooden craft, toys, porcelain, and other handmade goods.

Category: Directories

Mr. Micknit's DIY Holiday Patch Kit ( | United States)
Mr. Micknit's DIY Holiday Patch Kit

Mr. Micknit is your ultimate DIY holiday kit created by fashion designer Michael Simon to give your sweaters, home furnishings, pillows, iPad...

Category: Craft Supplies

Framous Kits ( | Canada)

Modern plastic canvas kits manufacturer and online store. We design and produce fun and bright craft kits. The complete, quality kits include...

Category: Needlework