Floor show - expressandstar.com
Floor show
Trim off the excess neatly using a craft knife and metal ruler. If you cut the vinyl too short, either pull some over from the other side of the room (if possible), or hide your mistake with a piece of beading, which you can fix to the skirting board. ...

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Give 'Em Hill: The ghosts of Christmas crafts past - San Jose Mercury News
Give 'Em Hill: The ghosts of Christmas crafts past
San Jose Mercury News
Some crafts came in kits. My mom got me a subscription to a kid's "craft-of-the-month" club, in which I could select the projects I wanted from a catalog and get the cute stuff instead of the hideous owl macramé clocks or psychedelic pencil holders. ...

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Christmas Exhibition at the Wistin Camilleri Gozo Centre - Gozo News
Gozo News
Christmas Exhibition at the Wistin Camilleri Gozo Centre
Gozo News
... Christmas artefacts related to the different subjects offered at the Centre, such as art, pottery, glass, silver, metal, wood, stone, gilding, embroidery, lace, parchment, beading, curtain making & soft furnishing, sugar craft and thread filigree. ...

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White Swan Online Macrame Beading Class (micromacrame.com | United States)
White Swan Online Macrame Beading Class

Includes discussions, lessons, and more for macrame beading projects.

Category: Textiles - Macrame

Simply Macrame Supplies (https: | Australia)
Simply Macrame Supplies

Simply macrame are the biggest macrame supplies provider within Australia. Our extensive range of quality macrame products will easily help you...

Category: Craft Supplies

King's Kountry, Inc. (kingskountry.com | United States)
King's Kountry, Inc.

macrame cord and patterns, beads, crocheting and lampmaking supplies, and more.

Category: Textiles - Macrame

Macrame/Fiber (jewelrymaking.about.com | United States)

Provides resources for making macrame jewelry.

Category: Textiles - Macrame

Macrame Superstore (macramesuperstore.com)
Macrame Superstore

Offering cords, books, frames, accessories, and more.

Category: Textiles - Macrame

ChineseKnotting.org (chineseknotting.org | Afghanistan)

Introduction to Chinese knotting. Includes information on knot families, books, and supplies as well as a glossary and history of Chinese knotting.

Category: Craft Supplies

Beading For Beginners (artisticbeading.com | United Kingdom)
Beading For Beginners

beading For Beginners is a visual guide to beading technique.

Category: Books & Magazines

Ann's Macram+e (macrame_1.tripod.com | United States)
Ann's Macram+e

Information with materials suggestions, knot instructions, projects and finishing ideas.

Category: Textiles - Macrame

Joan Reeder Babcock (joanbabcock.com | United States)
Joan Reeder Babcock

Intricate tapestry-knotted bead jewelry incorporating silver, copper, brass and gemstones by New Mexico artist, inspired by native art.

Category: Jewelry - Bead

Beading-Frenzy (https: | United States)

beading-Frenzy : Beads and beading Supplies at Incredible Prices! beading-Frenzy-Beads and beading Supplies! beading family; We pride ourselves in...

Category: Beading

Decorative Knottings Made By Yvonne (webpages.charter.net | Sweden)
Decorative Knottings Made By Yvonne

Gallery of knotted pendants, wallhangings, and flowers and basic instructions for Chinese and button knots.

Category: Craft Supplies

Beading Elements, Inc. (beadingsarasota.com | United States)
Beading Elements, Inc.

beading Elements, Inc is a beading store in Sarasota, Florida owned and operated by Karen Davidian and Brenda Hinesley. Brenda and Karen have been...

Category: Beading

Learn Beading (learnbeading.com | United States)
Learn Beading

Discover the absolute BEST Way to end your beaded jewelry. Learn how to bead with insider tips. Learn how to create your own custom beaded jewelry....

Category: Beading

Pat's Bead Supplies & Creations (patsbeadsuppliesandcreations.com | Canada)
Pat's Bead Supplies & Creations

My name is Pat and one thing I love doing is making very pretty earrings which I am selling at my website. I am also selling beading supplies so...

Category: Beading

Moda Bead Craft (modabeadcraft.com | India)
Moda Bead Craft

Moda Bead Craft, a leading supplier of all kind of beads and beading accessories online at wholesale price. Special discounts available. Buy all...

Category: Craft Supplies

Beading With Mickey (beadingwithmickey.com | United States)
Beading With Mickey

beading is a fun and relaxing hobby. Make stunning jewelry for yourself, your family and your friends. I teach a variety of techniques with my...

Category: Beading

Beading Help Web (beadinghelpweb.com | United States)
Beading Help Web

beading Help Web started in 2005 to provide tips, tutorials, reviews and references for jewelry making enthusiasts at all skill levels. Since its...

Category: Beading

Bead Pattern Central (beadpatterncentral.com | United States)
Bead Pattern Central

Bead patterns for instant download! Bead projects and beading patterns can be sorted by designer, beading technique, or subject. Our free beading...

Category: Beading

Davenport, Bill (billdavenport.com | United States)
Davenport, Bill

Houston-based artist whose passions include sculpturings out of a variety of media, paintings that feature books and book imagery, and macrame owls.

Category: Ceramics - Sculptors

Beadage (beadage.net | United States)

Offers free beading information, instructions, and projects.

Category: Beading