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The 21 members of Fond du Lac Visual Arts have collaborated in a show titled "21" at the Fond du Lac Public Library gallery through December. Each member submitted two works, and the range includes jewelry, ceramics, watercolor, collage and oils. ...

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suds! Bath and Body ( | United States)
suds! Bath and Body

suds!™ Bath and Body was founded in November, 2010. We are committed to bringing you all natural bath and body products. When we say "all...

Category: Bath & Body

Natural Handcrafted Soaps ( | United States)
Natural Handcrafted Soaps

Pure natural handmade handcrafted soap. Our old-fashioned handcrafted handmade natural soaps are created in small batches using a variety of...

Category: Craft Supplies - Soapmaking

Emporium Naturals ( | United States)
Emporium Naturals

Offering the all natural supplies including coconut, essential, and fixed oils, herbs, muslin bags and packaging.

Category: Craft Supplies - Soapmaking

The Herbarie ( | United Kingdom)
The Herbarie

Natural Source Products for Cosmetics and Toiletries. We are a wholesale supplier of ingredients for the cosmetics and toiletries, personal care,...

Category: Bath & Body

Savannah Essentials, LLC ( | United States)
Savannah Essentials, LLC

The World of Savannah Essentials! A world where Shea Butter is the center of the universe. Where natural is our lifestyle and purity is our creed....

Category: Bath & Body

Innerglo Bath and Body ( | Canada)
Innerglo Bath and Body

Innerglo is a luxurious collection of 100% natural spa treatments developed to transform the ordinary shower or bath into a sacred experience. Each...

Category: Bath & Body

Wholesale Supplies Plus, Inc. ( | United States)
Wholesale Supplies Plus, Inc.

Wholesale Supplies Plus offers one stop shopping with a complete line of soap making products including Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Base, Fixed...

Category: Candles

Ginnys ( | New Zealand)

Ginnys is a store divided into two parts. Ginnys stocks sewing supplies including threads from Japan, temari patterns, needles and much more. Candy...

Category: Craft Supplies - Soapmaking

River Girls Silky Soap and Bath ( | United States)
River Girls Silky Soap and Bath

The crush of aromatic herbs, the warm melt of butters and oils, the gush of cool distilled water, these are the sights and sounds of River Girls...

Category: Bath & Body

Soap Making ( | United States)
Soap Making

Hot, Cold and Natural Soap Making Kits. Soap making at home is an olden skill. It is believed that women living in ancient Greece on the island of...

Category: Craft Supplies - Soapmaking

Boll Weevil Soap Company ( | United States)
Boll Weevil Soap Company

The Boll Weevil Soap Company represents the diversifcation of the commercial toiletry market with the art of handcrafted herbal bath luxuries. Made...

Category: Bath & Body

Down South Primitives ( | United States)
Down South Primitives

Offers tobacco stick quilt racks, hangers, peg racks, and more.

Category: Quilting

Country Art Gallery ( | United States)
Country Art Gallery

Nostalgic farm scenes in silhouette.

Category: Cultures and Groups - American

Essential7 ( | United States)

Essential, carrier, and fragrance oils, lotion bases, clays and powders, and grain meals.

Category: Craft Supplies - Soapmaking

Afri-Craft Artworks, Inc. ( | United States)
Afri-Craft Artworks, Inc.

Offers lamps, coat racks, candle sconces, small tables, and more utilizing African animal horn reproductions.

Category: Cultures and Groups - African

The Purple Sage ( | United States)
The Purple Sage

The Purple Sage ~ Bath, Body & More. Home of Shea Butter Body Silk 100% Vegetable Oil Soap and Lotion. Hand crafting soap the old fashioned way...

Category: Bath & Body

Scent It ( | United States)
Scent It

Fragrance oils for Candle Scents, Soap Making, Craft Scenting and More. Our manufacturer has been creating quality scenting oils since 1964. We...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

HawkMoon Soaps Fresh Bath & Body ( | United States)
HawkMoon Soaps Fresh Bath & Body

HawkMoon Soaps offer a complete line of fresh, completely handmade Shea Butter & Olive Oil natural Soaps and Fresh made Bath & Body...

Category: Bath & Body

Florida Soap Supplies ( | United States)
Florida Soap Supplies

Fragrance oils, Florida citrus essential oils, melt and pour soap base, natural wax, cream bases, and information.

Category: Craft Supplies - Soapmaking

Scent Forum ( | United States)
Scent Forum

An online community for candlemakers, soapmakers, and other crafters. Includes a resource directory, a supplier news weblog, an online forum, and a...

Category: Candles - Chats and Forums