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Joelle's Dolls (etsy.com | United States)
Joelle's Dolls

Joelle's dolls makes one of a kind handmade dolls that are designed for both children and older art doll collectors. Joelle's dolls come in all...

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Cloth and Soft Sculpture

Allegro Melody Art Dolls (allegromelody.com | United States)
Allegro Melody Art Dolls

I make one of a kind (ooak) art dolls and still produce custom Sasha dolls (repainted, re-haired, recostumed) on occasion.

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Art Dolls

Gossamer Winged Creations (gossamerwinged.net | United States)
Gossamer Winged Creations

A mystical journey into fairy with ooak fantasy sculpture

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Art Dolls

Linda Kays Studio (lindakays.com | United States)
Linda Kays Studio

A gallery of original dolls by Linda Kays and other doll artists, plus resin casting and moldmaking services.

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears

Art Dolls Only (artdollsonly.com | United States)
Art Dolls Only

We are a dedicated and active team of artists who create one-of-a-kind (ooak) art dolls. Our team is made up of a wide variety of artists. Although...

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Art Dolls

Dolls By Peggy (dollsbypeggy.com | Hong Kong)
Dolls By Peggy

Offering custom and fantasy Barbie repaints.

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears

Barbara Felts (feltsdolls.com | United States)
Barbara Felts

One of a kind and small limited edition artist dolls in porcelain and polymer clay. Each doll is numbered, signed and comes with a certificate.

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears

Edna Dali Dolls (ednadalidolls.com | Israel)
Edna Dali Dolls

International known doll artist Edna Dali - official doll site. Includes information about the artist and her current work.

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears

Betty Lou Byrnes One of a kind Santa's and Such (BettyLouByrnes.com | United States)
Betty Lou Byrnes One of a kind Santa's and Such

Hand sculpted in polymer clay. Costumes designed and sewn by the artist. Features a gallery of past and present works.

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Santa Claus

Dolls by Francine (dollsbyfrancine.com | United States)
Dolls by Francine

dolls by Francine – an art doll craft shop full of handmade clay collectibles. The doll store specializes not only in whimsical expressional clay...

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Art Dolls

Chomick and Meder (chomickmeder.com | United States)
Chomick and Meder

Features one-of-a-kind items of husband and wife team. Introduces limited edition Automata which operate by a handmade windup mechanism.

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Art Dolls

Magical Dolls (angelfire.com | United States)

One-of-a-kind fashion dolls in fantasy or traditional outfits, celebrities and historical figures.

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears

Designs4Dolls (designs4dolls.com | United States)

Resources for the owners of home embroidery machines with a special focus on needlecrafts for dolls.

Category: Directories

Cloth Dolls (clothdolls.com.au | Australia)
Cloth Dolls

Cloth dolls are popular form of children's toys or adult's collectibles. While dolls come in many different materials, cloth dolls are popular...

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Clothing and Accessories

Printable Paper Dolls (printablepaperdolls.net | United States)
Printable Paper Dolls

Choose from 195 paper dolls that you can download and print for free. Choose from boy dolls, girl dolls, ballerina dolls, cheerleader dolls, and more.

Category: Paper Crafts

Dolls House (baccraftminiatures.com | United Kingdom)
Dolls House

We are one stop solutions for Dollhouse furniture, Dollhouse supplies, Dollhouses and miniatures and dolls house.

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Santa Claus

Julie Anns Dolls Houses (julie-anns-dolls-houses.co.uk | United Kingdom)
Julie Anns Dolls Houses

At Julie Ann's dolls Houses, we have an irresistible array of dolls houses and miniatures within our store that will both enhance and add an...

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears

House of Dolls (houseofdolls.com | Canada)
House of Dolls

At House of dolls we are offering the best and unique collections of Porcelain dolls. Our unique porcelain dolls are great collectibles with...

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears

Mommy Daddy Dolls (mommydaddydolls.com | United States)
Mommy Daddy Dolls

The best doll - cute mommy daddy dolls are the best dolls to play for boys and girls. Soft cloth dolls which are comfort security cuddly toy dolls...

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Art Dolls

Handmade Rag Dolls (dollcraft.co.uk | United States)
Handmade Rag Dolls

Victorian style rag dolls made to order with choice of hair and eye colour.

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Rag