Paper crafts workshop during 'HANDMADE' - VillageSoup Belfast
VillageSoup Belfast
Paper crafts workshop during 'HANDMADE'
VillageSoup Belfast
3 from 1 to 4 pm, book artist Candida Pagan will hold a family friendly holiday paper crafts workshop during the "HANDMADE" alternative art and craft show at Waterfall Arts, 356 High St. She will demonstrate how to make holiday themed pop-up cards and ...


TRSA paper says towel study is distorted -
TRSA paper says towel study is distorted
Based in Alexandria, Va., TRSA represents the $16 -billion textile services industry that employs nearly 200000 people at more than 2000 facilities nationwide. These companies provide laundered textiles and other products and services that help ...


Bobby's Bama: Cut paper artist pushes boundaries at local art show - WAFF
Bobby's Bama: Cut paper artist pushes boundaries at local art show
Born in Taiwan in 1962, he has a background as a track star, artist, military man and engineering graduate. Kathryn Silvestri is the marketing and exhibits coordinator at the Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur. "And he also was like an interior ...

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Paper Mache Sculpture By JC ( | United States)
CraftKitsandSupplies ( | United States)

CraftKitsandSupplies carries a large selection of crafts and Craft Supplies. Craft Supplies such as Chenille Stems, Craft Buttons, Craft Foam...

Category: Craft Supplies

Mexican Curio's ( | Canada)
Mexican Curio's

Offers arts and crafts in clay, blown glass, paper mache, and porcelain from Mexico.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Mexican

Trisha O'Donnell Folk Art ( | United States)
Trisha O'Donnell Folk Art

Holiday and whimsical papier mache folk art.

Category: Paper Crafts - Papier Mache

Papier-mache art by Ellen Carlier ( | France)
Papier-mache art by Ellen Carlier

Papier-mache art by Ellen Carlier.

Category: Paper Crafts - Papermaking

Paper Clay Products ( | United Kingdom)
Paper Clay Products

Cellulose fibres to make paper clay, papier-mOchU, and handmade paper.

Category: Metal Crafts - Sculpture

Driftwood Dreams Gallery ( | United Kingdom)
Driftwood Dreams Gallery

Sculptures range from fantasy creatures to utilitarian household objects such as mirrors and toys.

Category: Paper Crafts - Papier Mache

Fogg, F. B. ( | United States)
Fogg, F. B.

Creates handmade, personalized clocks -- dogs, cats, critters and more -- from handmade paper.

Category: Paper Crafts

Creative Paperclay (
Creative Paperclay

Offers air hardening modeling materials and clays. Also projects, lesson plans, and guidelines.

Category: Craft Supplies - Polymer Clay

Jan's Creations (
Jan's Creations

Offering Santas and art dolls, created from polymer clays and other mixed mediums.

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears - Santa Claus

Paper Crafts Connection ( | United States)
Paper Crafts Connection

As the #1 card making publication, paper crafts magazine empowers its readers to make personal connections through the art of paper crafting. The...

Category: Paper Crafts

Art Cove ( | United States)
Art Cove

Offers a wide selection of products for a variety of crafts.

Category: Craft Supplies

Sweet Invocations ( | India)
Sweet Invocations

Artist Kitty Forseth creates olde world style papier mache artwork using antique German chocolate molds. Whimsical Christmas, Halloween and Easter,...

Category: Paper Crafts - Papier Mache

Haitian Art Company ( | United States)
Haitian Art Company

Paintings, first generation and emerging artists, Voodoo flags, metals, sculpture, paper-mache, and more.

Category: Cultures and Groups

JapaneseStyle ( | Aruba)

JapaneseStyle provides origami washi paper in a variety of designs.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Japanese

Soap_Craft - Yahoo Group (
Soap_Craft - Yahoo Group

pagan group discusses soap, aromatherapy, toiletries, candles and other crafts.

Category: Craft Supplies - Soapmaking

Cat and the Fiddle Designs ( | United States)
Cat and the Fiddle Designs

Primitive cloth and paper mache doll patterns that include raggedies, black dolls, cats, rabbits, angels, snowmen, and santas.

Category: Craft Supplies - Doll Making

Papier Mache ( | Australia)
Papier Mache

Founded in May 2009 as an online magazine papier mache has grown rapidly in popularity and is read by over two hundred thousand readers worldwide....

Category: Books & Magazines

Gloommatter ( | Canada)

Handcrafted papermache masks, art dolls and a twist on traditional mexican paper flowers. The soul comes alive in the dark. We put everything we...

Category: Paper Crafts