ALMOST 50 per cent of Scots risk their financial well-being by shopping online after a drinking session and end up splashing out on bizarre items such as wooden motorbikes and knitting patterns. A study by internet price ...

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Ripped straight from the headlines! - Mail Tribune
Ripped straight from the headlines!
Mail Tribune
Knitting patterns are being torn out of the library's knitting magazines as the hobby surges in popularity among all age groups. Other popular magazines also have been targeted, but knitting pages seem to be the most highly prized. ...
Ripped pages rile readersAshland Daily Tidings

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A pair of knit wits: Arne & Carlos are bringing their Christmas kitsch to Britain - The Independent
A pair of knit wits: Arne & Carlos are bringing their Christmas kitsch to Britain
The Independent
In fact, they are at the centre of a handicraft craze that Zachrison and Nerjordet kicked off last year in Norway, with the publication of a book of patterns for knitting these julekuler (which translates, somewhat inelegantly, as "Christmas balls"). ...


Peyote Patterns For Amulets |

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Beltana's Beads ( | United States)
Beltana's Beads

Instructions for tubular peyote, cheyenne brick stitch and loomwork. Free patterns also available.

Category: Beading

Delica Bead Patterns ( | United States)
Delica Bead Patterns

Delica bead patterns for the advanced beader. Gallery of works is included.

Category: Beading

Arleen's Beady World ( | United States)
Arleen's Beady World

Features a variety of beadwork patterns. Also a gallery of earrings, necklaces, and barrettes.

Category: Craft Supplies - Beads & Findings

Maddiethekat Beaded Jewelry ( | United States)
Maddiethekat Beaded Jewelry

Handmade beaded purses, jewelry, amulet bags, framed beadwork tapestry and patterns.

Category: Beading ( | United States)

Sells nature and wildlife-themed patterns and kits.

Category: Beading

Bead Pattern Central ( | United States)
Bead Pattern Central

Bead patterns for instant download! Bead projects and beading patterns can be sorted by designer, beading technique, or subject. Our free beading...

Category: Beading

Thi My's Dreams ( | United States)
Thi My's Dreams

Contains a collection of Asian and Thai amulets, statues, textiles, paintings, and more.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Asian

Dark Hare Beadwork ( | Canada)
Dark Hare Beadwork

Gallery of work by Julia S. Pretl, including collars, sculptures, bags, and amulets.

Category: Beading

Ava's Beading Galore ( | United States)
Ava's Beading Galore

Beadwork gallery of her finished beadwork including a gallery of her seed bead jewelry collection books.

Category: Beading

Ancient Ways (
Ancient Ways

Featuring traditional Native American artwork including amulets, beadwork, buffalo products, ivory products, and purses and bags.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Native American

Beadwork at ( | United States)
Beadwork at

Features free beading patterns, product reviews, tutorials, resource links and beadwork articles.

Category: Jewelry - Bead

Orient Amulet ( | United States)
Orient Amulet

Offers handmade Oriental amulets comparable with the charms or talismans of Western culture as a guidance to living lively and happily.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Asian

Beaded Images ( | United States)
Beaded Images

Books by Barbara Elbe on how to create beaded jewelry items, complete kits and beading supplies. Provides free patterns.

Category: Jewelry - Supplies

Sacred Earth Designs ( | United States)
Sacred Earth Designs

Handmade, original goddess jewelry and sculpture inspired by the divine feminine.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Religious

Beki's Sewing Patterns ( | United States)

Featuring hard-to-find, discontinued and vintage patterns.

Category: Craft Supplies - Sewing ( | United States)

Offers patterns for eveningwear, men's, women's, and children's clothing, home decorating, and more.

Category: Craft Supplies - Sewing

SewNet ( | United States)

Information and links to sewing guilds, companies, and online sewing classes.

Category: Needlework - Sewing

Laura Marsh Designs Sewing Patterns ( | United Kingdom)
Laura Marsh Designs Sewing Patterns

Laura Marsh Designs offers original digital sewing patterns for the home seamstress to download and print from their home PC. Simple and clear to...

Category: Needlework - Patterns

Designs for you Cross Stitch ( | United States)

Manufactures patterns from photos, cards, and postcards. Also ready made patterns.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Daphne's Designs ( | United States)
Daphne's Designs

Most of what I do is off loom bead weaving with occasional wire work. Though I use several different stitches, peyote is my favorite. It allows the...

Category: Beading