5000 years of Indian art in pictorial text - Hill Post
5000 years of Indian art in pictorial text
Hill Post
Senior writer and curator Sushma K. Bahl has tried to bring out this journey with a hefty volume, “5000 years of Indian Art” – a joint initiative by her and Roli Books. “I visited the International Centre for Visual Arts in London with an artist a few ...

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Montgomery, Nana (bluesharkdesign.com | United States)
Montgomery, Nana

Expresses pictorial emotional ideas through quilting.

Category: Quilting - Artists

West, Stacy (stacywest.com | United States)
West, Stacy

Showcases her portrait and pictorial quilts.

Category: Quilting - Artists

Pictorial History of Nikon Cameras (mir.com.my | Malaysia)
Pictorial History of Nikon Cameras

Quick reference pictorial history of Nikon camera models, from Rangefinders, SLR to compact and underwater models.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Alizadeh, Javad (javad.8m.com | United States)
Alizadeh, Javad

Features relativistic cartoons and caricatures as well as written and pictorial humor.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Illustration

England Design (englanddesign.com | United States)
England Design

A catalog of designer Cynthia England's patterns and fabric kits.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Rollei: A Pictorial History (mir.com.my | Malaysia)
Rollei: A Pictorial History

Traces the development of the brand and its family of camera models with text and pictures.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Carlson, Susan (susancarlson.com | South Africa)
Carlson, Susan

Artist, author, and teacher shows her pictorial quilts of people, fish, and other creatures using fabric collage technique. Classes, schedule, and...

Category: Quilting - Artists

Fran's Quilting Services (fransquilting.com | Canada)
Fran's Quilting Services

Fran's quilting Services provides individual or group instruction for quilting, in addition to selling patterns and quilting kits.

Category: Quilting

Photography in Malaysia (mir.com.my | Malaysia)
Photography in Malaysia

Includes how-tos for beginners, exhibits, a glossary, club and event listings, a section on digital imaging, and interesting pictorial histories of...

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Machine Graphics & Vision Journal (ippt.gov.pl)
Machine Graphics & Vision Journal

Source of information in the field of pictorial information exchange between computers and their environment, including applications of visual and...

Category: Computer Generated Art

Quilting-Warehouse (quilting-warehouse.com | United States)

Your Online Source for Sewing & quilting Supplies. quilting-Warehouse is for all your quilting supplies, quilting notions, sewing supplies,...

Category: Quilting

Quilting Ideas (quiltingideas.com | United States)
Quilting Ideas

Everyone from the beginner to the expert can find quilting books, magazines, tools and materials here to enjoy and inspire them to make that...

Category: Quilting

Quilting Cowgirl (quiltingcowgirl.com | United States)
Quilting Cowgirl

Cathy Kirk has been quilting for customers since 1980. She purchased her first longarm machine in 2004 and now has two, equipped with the...

Category: Quilting - Artists

Amish Quilting Service (amishquilting.net)
Amish Quilting Service

Hand quilting by Amish/Mennonite ladies. Describes services available and prices. Photos show process of hand quilting, marking, binding.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Quilting From the Heartland (qheartland.com | United States)
Quilting From the Heartland

Books, videos, stencils, and template sets from Sharlene Jorgenson. Order books and video tapes from the quilting From the Heartland TV show.

Category: Quilting

Allcraftsupplies: Sewing & Quilting (allcraftsupplies.com | United States)
Allcraftsupplies: Sewing & Quilting

The website offers 1,000's of sewing supplies and quilting supplies. As one of the largest online sewing shops and quilting shops we offer more...

Category: Quilting

Gammill Quilting Systems (apqinfotogo.com | United States)
Gammill Quilting Systems

Gammill Quiting Systems is the world's leading manufacturer of professional hand- and computer-guided longarm quilting systems which includes...

Category: Quilting

Becky Bee's Quilting (beckybeesquilting.com | United States)
Becky Bee's Quilting

Becky Bee's quilting is the professional longarm quilting service. Becky B. Knopp is my name and my longarm quilting studio is located in the great...

Category: Quilting - Artists

Time Machine Quilting (timemachinequilting.com | United Kingdom)
Time Machine Quilting

Time Machine quilting provides the easy answer to finishing your quilts to a high professional standard. With the Gammill quilting machine, your...

Category: Quilting