Art show features work of ex-Red Wing Konstantinov - Seattle Post Intelligencer
Art show features work of ex-Red Wing Konstantinov
Seattle Post Intelligencer
An exhibition of art by ex-Red Wings defenseman Konstantinov is going on display. Konstantinov was left with disabling brain injuries following a 1997 limo crash six days after he helped the Red Wings win their first Stanley Cup in 42 years. ...
Art show features work of ex-Red Wing KonstantinovThe Associated Press

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Holiday crafts: How to make festive vases - Lincoln Journal Star
Holiday crafts: How to make festive vases
Lincoln Journal Star
Hint: Liquid chalk markers (available at craft stores) also work well writing on this surface. Materials needed: Glossy white (or any color) spray paint, available at craft stores; a variety of sizes of rubber bands; new or slightly used clean glass ...


Red Cross Holiday Craft Show Aids Disaster Victims - WNEP-TV
Red Cross Holiday Craft Show Aids Disaster Victims
The American Red Cross holiday craft show is an annual tradition for many in Luzerne County. This year, the fundraiser is even more important for the organization after its efforts to help those affected by the September flooding. ...

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Plastic Red Vases |

displaying 1-20 of plastic red vases
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Wholesale Glass Vases International ( | United States)
Wholesale Glass Vases International

Wholesale Glass vases International offers a variety of glass vases, including block, cylinder, tapered, trumpet, and tower vases.

Category: Glass

Greek Vase Museum Replicas (
Greek Vase Museum Replicas

Reproductions of five types of Greek vases geometrical, Corinthian, black or red figure vase, and white ground vases. Site provides magnificent...

Category: Ceramics

Mirakkul Glassware ( | United States)
Mirakkul Glassware

Glass is a marvel that can be made into myriads of forms. Thus, who handles the glass in what way to make it reach its full potential is vitally...

Category: Glass

Select Floral Supply ( | United States)
Select Floral Supply

Sells a large variety of wholesale vases, candle holders, decorative jars, and other specialty containers. Great for centerpieces and flower...

Category: Flower & Garden - Fresh

Plastic Beads Wholesale ( | United States)
Plastic Beads Wholesale

Offering a large selection of plastic beads, acrylic beads, cabochons, and more below wholesale prices.

Category: Beading

Carney Plastics (
Carney Plastics

Fabricators of display cases, collectable cases, and display fixtures.

Category: Craft Supplies - Wholesale Craft Supplies

Gary Plastic Packaging Corp ( | United States)
Gary Plastic Packaging Corp

Makes plastic boxes for displaying collectibles.

Category: Craft Supplies - Wholesale Craft Supplies

Holga: Plastic is Fantastic (
Holga: Plastic is Fantastic

Informational site offering basics, techniques, and troubleshooting for the plastic camera.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Arizona Pottery ( | United States)
Arizona Pottery

Your home and garden are special areas. We work hard to locate original pieces of terra cotta, vases, planters & pots all designed with...

Category: Craft Supplies - Ceramics and Pottery

Acrylic and Plastic Bead Distributor ( | United States)
Acrylic and Plastic Bead Distributor

USBEADERY.COM - The largest acrylic and plastic bead distributor in the US. Great prices. Must see. You’ll see!

Category: Beading (

Offers hardcover needlecraft books.

Category: Needlework

Framous Kits ( | Canada)

Modern plastic canvas kits manufacturer and online store. We design and produce fun and bright craft kits. The complete, quality kits include...

Category: Needlework

Plastic Enigma ( | United States)
Red Bull Art of the Can Contest ( | United States)
Red Bull Art of the Can Contest

Challenging people to make an imaginative sculpture, painting, or mobile from cans or red Bull.

Category: Visual Arts

Bruning Pottery ( | United States)
Bruning Pottery

A family business in Snohomish, Washington making high fire porcelain and stoneware items for the home and garden.

Category: Ceramics - Functional

Fowler, Anna ( | United Kingdom)
Fowler, Anna

Illustrative work created by using markers on plastic.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Illustration

Red Wagon Quilts ( | United States)
Red Wagon Quilts

Pattern books from Gerry Kimmel-Carr.

Category: Quilting

Red Sky Books ( | United States)
Red Sky Books

red Sky Books offers an eclectic selection of used and out-of-print books. Our speciality is "interesting books" and our inventory is...

Category: Books & Magazines - Craft Magazines

Craft Designs for You ( | United States)
Craft Designs for You

Offers cross-stitch, plastic canvas and crochet patterns.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts Dressmaking and Needlecraft ( | Germany) Dressmaking and Needlecraft dressmaking and needlecraft business. Based in the UK specialising in design and soft furnishings such as cushions, room-designs,...

Category: Needlework - Personal Pages