Knitters find healing in giving through Norwich program - Norwich Bulletin
Knitters find healing in giving through Norwich program
Norwich Bulletin
From the left, Pat Cascio, of Niantic, Lee Benson of Hanover and Frances Riel of Norwich knit with the RSVP Knitting group at UCFS Helping Hands Thrift Shop in Norwich on Thursday November 17, 2011. Aaron Flaum/ By ANNA MARIA ...


Hospice's knitting queen - Yellow Advertiser
Yellow Advertiser
Hospice's knitting queen
Yellow Advertiser
KNITTER: Madge Rowland has made more than 1000 baby jumpers to raise money for St Luke's Hospice. By Pat Jones MADGE Rowland cannot remember how many baby cardigans she has knitted in the last ten years – she stopped counting after a thousand. ...


Forty years of Arts and Crafts in Hines Creek - Fairview Post
Forty years of Arts and Crafts in Hines Creek
Fairview Post
Forty years of arts and crafts in Hines Creek: The ladies of the Hines Creek Arts and Crafts Club stand with the quilt they made, in the Dave Shaw Memorial arena in Hines Creek: LR: Lucille Polukoshko, Pat Roessler, Ann Bilous, Lorena Vass and Olive ...


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Autenrieth, Patricia ( | United States)
Autenrieth, Patricia

Includes portfolio, digital sketchbook, and more.

Category: Quilting - Artists

Pat's Gardens ( | United States)
Pat's Gardens

Virtual tour photos with flower garden photos of pat's home flower garden beds in Thomasville, NC; flower garden as backdrop for photos and...

Category: Flower & Garden

Candles Online ( | Australia)
Candles Online

Australia's personalised candle specialists. Our Baby candles are now available in Deluxe, Standard & Economy Sets. The extra candles make...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Pat's Bead Supplies & Creations ( | Canada)
Pat's Bead Supplies & Creations

My name is pat and one thing I love doing is making very pretty earrings which I am selling at my website. I am also selling beading supplies so...

Category: Beading

Pat Catan's Craft Centers ( | United States)
Pat Catan's Craft Centers

pat Catan's : Family Owned since 1954. pat Catan, an entrepreneur in the craft industry, started his first Cleveland art supply store in 1954. pat...

Category: Craft Supplies

Candle 4 Less ( | United States)
Candle 4 Less

We offer some of the best prices for Taper candles, Votive candles, Tealight candles and Pillar candles. We have been decorating many wedding...

Category: Candles

Candles Wholesale - Everydays ( | Sweden)
Candles Wholesale - Everydays

Our grand selection of candles can be found in many retail chains and are used for home decor, birthday parties and special events. We ship...

Category: Candles

Aria Candle ( | United States)
Aria Candle

Since 1992, Aria Candle Company has been delivering beautiful wedding candles, Personalized wedding candles and personalized unity candles that are...

Category: Candles

Quick Candles ( | United States)
Quick Candles

Quick candles is the leading internet supplier of votive candles, tealight candles, floating candles, pillar candles and glass candle holders. Our...

Category: Candles

Keystone Candle ( | United States)
Keystone Candle

When you purchase candles made at Keystone Candle, you will be getting more than just an affordable product. You will be receiving quality candles...

Category: Candles

Naturality Candles ( | Canada)
Naturality Candles

Try unique birthday candles to help jazz up the cake. Unique candles for birthdays make cakes special. From richly scented candles to beautifully...

Category: Candles

Jennifers' Candles ( | United States)
Jennifers' Candles

Luxurious soy candles and wax candles are quality products from Jennifers candles. These elegant soy candles and wax candles are unbeatable and...

Category: Candles

Indian Gift Shop ( | India)
Indian Gift Shop

Religious candles, as the name says itself are used for offering prayers, where ever you are at home or outside, these candles depict the essence...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Shearer Candles ( | United Kingdom)
Shearer Candles

Shearer candles manufacture the UK’s largest range of scented candles – you can buy from us wholesale as a trade customer or you can choose...

Category: Candles

Revelation Illustrated ( | United States)
Revelation Illustrated

A complete series of artwork by Christian artist, pat Marvenko Smith.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Religious

Candle Delirium ( | United States)
Candle Delirium

Candle Delirium is the #1 destination for luxury scented candles in the world. Whether you are a candle lover, candle freak or candle addict,...

Category: Candles

Village Candle ( | United States)
Village Candle

Scented candles from Village Candle are the best candles. Village Candle makes candles that are 100% American made, richly scented, premium-quality...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

The Flameless Candle Store ( | United States)
The Flameless Candle Store

Beautiful, Safe and Worry-Free candles. The Flameless Candle Store aims to provide the best information on Flameless candles. We offer a wide...

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Highly Scented Candles ( | United States)
Highly Scented Candles

We carry a complete line of scented candles, a scented candle for all occasions, scented candles and accessories with pictures, and sections...

Category: Candles

White Paris Luxury Shop (https: | United Kingdom)
White Paris Luxury Shop

White Paris Luxury Shop is the one stop shop for all your scented. Luxury and decorative candles. They sell branded scented candles including...

Category: Candles