Art is like a puzzle - Orlando Sentinel
Art is like a puzzle
Orlando Sentinel
Orlando artist Parker Sketch sees art as a puzzle. The unique challenge with each piece for him is to create a balance between all formal aspects of painting, while being aware of the visual language needed to communicate effectively. ...

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Lamp Making Workshop - Ceramics (For Kids) - San Francisco Chronicle
Lamp Making Workshop - Ceramics (For Kids)
San Francisco Chronicle
The kids will be painting a real ceramic lamp. They can paint it to match their bedroom or any other room they wish. Makes a fantastic gift. (Shades not includes.) The instructor will help with each child's designs and techniques to produce a beautiful ...


Relax lending norms for loss-making units: Textiles Ministry to RBI - Economic Times
Relax lending norms for loss-making units: Textiles Ministry to RBI
Economic Times
NEW DELHI: The Textiles Ministry has said it will urge the Reserve Bank to relax lending norms for the textile industry which has been hit by the volatility in raw material prices and slump in domestic demand. "Something needs to be done... something ...

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Pandora's Puzzle Boxes ( | United States)
Pandora's Puzzle Boxes

Featuring wooden designs from around the world, including Turkey, Japan, and Costa Rica.

Category: Wood Crafts

Free Wood Puzzle Plans ( | United States)
Free Wood Puzzle Plans

Free puzzle plans to make out of wood - start with Dino the dinosaur. Also free woodworking plans for children's furniture.

Category: Wood Crafts

Piczzle ( | United States)

Customized wooden jigsaw puzzles for children from customer's pictures and text.

Category: Wood Crafts

The Puzzle Man ( | United States)
The Puzzle Man

Predominantly children's puzzles including personalized name, number, map and educational puzzles.

Category: Wood Crafts

Grains of Time, Wooden Puzzles 'n More ( | United States)
Grains of Time, Wooden Puzzles 'n More

Handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzles; also wooden games, toy boxes, rocking horses, and piggy banks.

Category: Wood Crafts

Las Vegas Puzzles ( | United States)

Selling 3D puzzle in animal and insect designs. Also sells plans.

Category: Wood Crafts

Heirloom Puzzles for Children ( | United States)
Heirloom Puzzles for Children

Offers handcrafted wooden puzzles for children.

Category: Wood Crafts

Custom Puzzle Craft ( | United States)
Custom Puzzle Craft

Mainly large size jigsaws, each of which is made to order. Choice of cutting styles and "Figurals" (shaped pieces).

Category: Wood Crafts

Stave Puzzles ( | United States)
Stave Puzzles

A comprehensive range of many different types of personalized jigsaws, featuring intricate designs and shaped pieces.

Category: Wood Crafts

Hakone Izumiya ( | Aruba)
Hakone Izumiya

Sells Yosegi-zaiku, traditional Japanese puzzle boxes.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Japanese

J. C. Ayer ( | United States)
J. C. Ayer

Personalised jigsaws made from fine art reproductions and photographs. Puzzles are cut with a water-jet cutting machine.

Category: Wood Crafts

Hakone Maruyama ( | Japan)
Hakone Maruyama

Providing Hakone Yosegi Zaiku and other handcrafts.

Category: Wood Crafts - Tramp Art

MGC's Custom Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles ( | United States)
MGC's Custom Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Personalized puzzles using photos, fine art and corporate logos. From 4 to 5,000+ puzzle pieces.

Category: Wood Crafts

X-man Puzzles ( | United States)
X-man Puzzles

Original hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Category: Wood Crafts

Elms Puzzles ( | United States)
Elms Puzzles

Jigsaws personalized with customer's choice of names, dates, etc. Also sell used puzzles and run a rental club.

Category: Wood Crafts

Invitation Cards ( | Hong Kong)
Invitation Cards

Invitation cards : Photo puzzle can be used as a creative invitation for wedding, birthday, more. Great fun they will have as they put these...

Category: Art

Toys from Tom ( | United Kingdom)
Toys from Tom

Handmade wooden inlay puzzles and silhouettes. Offers personalization and supplied in a handmade wooden box.

Category: Wood Crafts

Timeless Puzzles and Toys ( | United States)
Timeless Puzzles and Toys

Wood puzzles and wood toys for children of all ages.

Category: Wood Crafts

QPB Laser Services (
QPB Laser Services

Offers puzzle boxes, awards, crystal paperweights, and plaques. Includes engraving services.

Category: Wood Crafts

Grandkids Puzzles ( | United States)
Grandkids Puzzles

Children's jigsaws produced from photographs. A custom wooden display tray is included with each purchase.

Category: Wood Crafts