Dark materials: Bisbee, Fensterstock - Bowdoin Orient
Bowdoin Orient
Dark materials: Bisbee, Fensterstock
Bowdoin Orient
She fashions fragile, black paper flowers; he crafts bold abstract forms from metal spikes. She uses the centuries-old quilling technique popular among Renaissance nuns; he hammers, welds and bends iron into submission. ...


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Paper Quilling Resources (mypaperquilling.com | United States)
Paper Quilling Resources

Paper quilling and Introduction to paper quilling resources. On the website of 'Paper quilling Resources', you'll find loads of interesting...

Category: Paper Crafts - Quilling

Custom Quilling (customquillingbydenise.com)
Custom Quilling

quilling supplies, punches, quilled keepsake designs for all occasions, scrapbooking and online quilling classes.

Category: Craft Supplies - Papercrafts

Just Quilling (justquilling.com | India)
Just Quilling

Kavita K Thakkar ,the founder of just qulling is a papercraft artist and has successfully conducted various classes and workshops on different...

Category: Paper Crafts - Quilling

Quilled Creations (quilledcreations.com | United States)
Quilled Creations

Quilled Creations is dedicated to providing you with innovative quilling tools, creative and easy to use quilling kits, the largest selection of...

Category: Quilting - Chats and Forums

Past Times Quilling (pasttimesquilling.com | United Kingdom)
Past Times Quilling

Past Times quilling is a family run business, based in Derbyshire, which has been at the forefront of the revival of the ancient art of quilling or...

Category: Paper Crafts - Quilling

Quilling Superstore (quillingsuperstore.com | United States)
Quilling Superstore

We are a family-run business, and have been serving the public since 2004. Our business started as a way for our oldest daughter to make some extra...

Category: Paper Crafts - Quilling

Creative Quilling (creativequilling.com.au | Australia)
Creative Quilling

Creative quilling a leading quilling community. Creative quilling is a family run online store offering a full range of quilling supplies suitable...

Category: Paper Crafts - Quilling

Quilling by Marianne (quillingbymarianne.com | United States)
Quilling by Marianne

We are located in the Upper Connecticut River Valley near Lebanon and Hanover, New Hampshire. We welcome any custom quilling orders that you would...

Category: Paper Crafts - Quilling

PaperQuilling (paperquilling.ca | Canada)

Offering supplies, paper, tools, kits, patterns, and books. Includes a newsletter. located in Canada.

Category: Craft Supplies - Papercrafts

North American Quilling Guild (NAQG) (naqg.org | United States)
North American Quilling Guild (NAQG)

The North American quilling Guild (NAQG) is a group of enthusiastic and dedicated quillers with one mission: to promote the lovely art of quilling...

Category: Paper Crafts - Quilling

Quilling, Art and Expression (quilling.blogspot.com | United States)
Quilling, Art and Expression

Instructions, patterns, and information on paper quilling.

Category: Paper Crafts - Quilling

Too Bad Dogs, Inc (too-bad-dogs-inc.com | United States)
Too Bad Dogs, Inc

Features quilling tools, kits, supplies and books as well as a selection of related scrapbooking supplies.

Category: Craft Supplies - Papercrafts

Jane Jenkins Quilling Designs (jjquilling.co.uk)
Jane Jenkins Quilling Designs

Supplier of strips, kits, supplies, accessories, and videos for parchment and quilling projects.

Category: Craft Supplies - Papercrafts

Lake City Craft Co. (quilling.com)
Lake City Craft Co.

A wide selection of quilling papers, books, kits, patterns, tools, and products.

Category: Craft Supplies - Papercrafts

Quilling By Elaine (quillingbyelaine.com | United States)
Quilling By Elaine

Complete quilling kits including cards, envelopes, supplies, papers, and books.

Category: Craft Supplies - Papercrafts

Crafty Wizard (craftywizard.co.uk | United Kingdom)
Crafty Wizard

We specialise in paper craft, quilling papers & tools and scrapbooking.

Category: Craft Supplies - Papercrafts

Ezylab (ezylab.com.au | Australia)

Ezylab is an Australian online science supply company. We sell a wide range of laboratory products and science kits. Glassware such as beakers,...

Category: Glass

NAQG Photo Galleries (naqg.org | United States)
NAQG Photo Galleries

quilling, also known as Paper Filigree, Filigrana or filigree work, is the result of rolling or coiling thin strips of paper into delicate-looking...

Category: Paper Crafts - Quilling

Nancy's Wonderful World of Quilling (angelfire.com | United States)
Nancy's Wonderful World of Quilling

Past projects, instructional demonstration, request form, and contact information.

Category: Paper Crafts - Quilling

Card Craft (quilling.com.au | Australia)
Card Craft

Source of quilling paper, kits, books and tools.

Category: Craft Supplies - Papercrafts