Ceramics workshop - Arab Times Kuwait English Daily
Ceramics workshop
Arab Times Kuwait English Daily
Ceramics is an important medium in Islamic art and Islamic artisans contributed much to the evolution of ceramic arts. Today at 7 pm in the Amricani Workshop, you have the chance to learn a bit about Islamic motifs, the impact of Islamic artists on ...


Jordanian ceramics studio Silsal breaks out of the mould - The National
The National
Jordanian ceramics studio Silsal breaks out of the mould
The National
"When people think of modern Arabic ceramics and design, I want them to think of Silsal," says Samar. Courtesy of Silsal During her tenure at Silsal, Samar has encouraged experimentation with traditional motifs, blending Arab and modern aesthetics. ...


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Craftster: Quilting (craftster.org | United States)
Craftster: Quilting

Learn to make quilts or share your quilt patterns in the quilting forum at Craftster.

Category: Quilting - Chats and Forums

Knit a Bit (knitabit.net | United States)
Knit a Bit

Knitting patterns and motifs available for download.

Category: Knitting and Crocheting

Flickr: Embroidered Motifs (flickr.com | United States)
Flickr: Embroidered Motifs

Photos of motifs embroidered by hand. Any technique: traditional embroidery, thread painting, red/ gold/ black work, silk ribbon embroidery, waste...

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Alacraft (alacraft.com.au | Australia)

Alacraft's online store stocks a range of craft supplies including lace, ribbon, yarn, stickers, iron on motifs, quilting fabric, craft flowers,...

Category: Craft Supplies

Fran's Quilting Services (fransquilting.com | Canada)
Fran's Quilting Services

Fran's quilting Services provides individual or group instruction for quilting, in addition to selling patterns and quilting kits.

Category: Quilting

SmartPatterns Inc (smartpatterns.com | United States)
SmartPatterns Inc

A knit design application to make custom fit sweaters with motif.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Woods and Quilts (woodsandquilts.com | United States)
Woods and Quilts

Offers applique and quilt patterns in country and contemporary motifs.

Category: Quilting

Alardus van den Bosch (alardus.co.uk)
Alardus van den Bosch

Medieval and natural motifs in intarsia including, table mats, mirrors and coasters.

Category: Wood Crafts - Decorative

Quilting-Warehouse (quilting-warehouse.com | United States)

Your Online Source for Sewing & quilting Supplies. quilting-Warehouse is for all your quilting supplies, quilting notions, sewing supplies,...

Category: Quilting

Quilting Ideas (quiltingideas.com | United States)
Quilting Ideas

Everyone from the beginner to the expert can find quilting books, magazines, tools and materials here to enjoy and inspire them to make that...

Category: Quilting

Minos (minostone.com | United States)

Manufacturer of custom limestone tiles and stone works; and designer of mosaics inspired by ancient Middle-eastern craftsmanship and motifs.

Category: Visual Arts

Exemplum Samplers (exemplum.co.uk)
Exemplum Samplers

Information and history of antique English samplers, including the meaning of motifs.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Rock Art Creations (rockartcreations.com | United States)
Rock Art Creations

Carved petroglyph designs based on both ancient and contemporary Indian motifs, by Native American artist Desert Little Bear

Category: Ceramics - Stoneware

The Bartlett Pair Quilts (nvo.com | United States)

Designs and sells original quilt patterns with a nautical theme, cats, and religious motifs.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Quilting Cowgirl (quiltingcowgirl.com | United States)
Quilting Cowgirl

Cathy Kirk has been quilting for customers since 1980. She purchased her first longarm machine in 2004 and now has two, equipped with the...

Category: Quilting - Artists

Amish Quilting Service (amishquilting.net)
Amish Quilting Service

Hand quilting by Amish/Mennonite ladies. Describes services available and prices. Photos show process of hand quilting, marking, binding.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Quilting From the Heartland (qheartland.com | United States)
Quilting From the Heartland

Books, videos, stencils, and template sets from Sharlene Jorgenson. Order books and video tapes from the quilting From the Heartland TV show.

Category: Quilting

Allcraftsupplies: Sewing & Quilting (allcraftsupplies.com | United States)
Allcraftsupplies: Sewing & Quilting

The website offers 1,000's of sewing supplies and quilting supplies. As one of the largest online sewing shops and quilting shops we offer more...

Category: Quilting

Gammill Quilting Systems (apqinfotogo.com | United States)
Gammill Quilting Systems

Gammill Quiting Systems is the world's leading manufacturer of professional hand- and computer-guided longarm quilting systems which includes...

Category: Quilting

Becky Bee's Quilting (beckybeesquilting.com | United States)
Becky Bee's Quilting

Becky Bee's quilting is the professional longarm quilting service. Becky B. Knopp is my name and my longarm quilting studio is located in the great...

Category: Quilting - Artists