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Courtesy Clinton Townsend
ABC News
Reiter said he had noticed a gradual increase in the number of people who come into the Knitting Factory to use the ATM after word of it spread, and the bar placed a sandwich board outside its doors advertising the free machine. ...
New ATM offers users to watch a commercial in lieu of an ATM
The ATM machine you can use for free... as long as you watch a commercial on ...Daily Mail
Could ATM Ads Replace Surcharges?KBOI

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Sandwich Glass Museum ( | Algeria)
Sandwich Glass Museum

Tells the story of the 19th century Boston and sandwich Glass Company and its founder, Deming Jarves. Includes information about exhibits,...

Category: Glass

DPanswer: Digital Zone System Tutorial ( | Norway)
DPanswer: Digital Zone System Tutorial

tutorial on adapting zone system to digital photography.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Crea Bea Cards ( | Netherlands)
Crea Bea Cards

Crea Bea Cards is all about card making tutorials. You don't need much to create something beautiful.

Category: Scrapbooking - How-To Sites

Photoshop CS2 HDR Tutorial ( | United States)
Photoshop CS2 HDR Tutorial

HDR tutorial from Luminous Landscape, a site devoted to the art of landscape and nature photography using traditional as well as digital image...

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Monitor Calibration and Gamma ( | United States)
Monitor Calibration and Gamma

tutorial for monitor calibration and gamma correction, along with links to available software, tools, and other information.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Smart Crochet ( | Panama)
Smart Crochet

Crochet patterns to download, free crochet patterns, filet crochet tutorial. Explore our website and take a look at my on-line catalog. It contains...

Category: Knitting and Crocheting - Crochet

The Corazon Cinema and Cafe ( | United States)

Under new ownership and management, this renovated historic theater opened on September 26th. Beginning at 11 am they will be serving lunch daily....

Category: Art

Fractal Explorer (

Simple tutorial on Mandelbrot and Julia sets with a nice image gallery.

Category: Computer Generated Art

Embroidery Lessons ( | United States)

tutorial showing how to make basic embroidery stitches.

Category: Needlework - Embroidery

Douglas W. Jones on Bookbinding ( | United States)
Douglas W. Jones on Bookbinding

Bookbinding a tutorial from the center for the book at the University of Iowa.

Category: Paper Crafts - Book Arts

Layden With Stitches ( | United States)
Layden With Stitches

Elaine Layden provides a tutorial on the techniques for photo to cross stitch conversion.

Category: Needlework - Cross Stitch

Sheila Williams ( | United States)
Sheila Williams

Computer and quilting software consultant. Specializing in tutorial lessons for quilting programs.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Creative Cutie ( | Israel)
U-Medium ( | United States)

tutorial explaining the jargon unique to medium format, the major difference with 35mm, and other related links.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Bob's Beading Tutorial Pages (

Instructional site for basic beading techniques, tailored to beginning beaders.

Category: Beading

ABC's of Knitting ( | Japan)
ABC's of Knitting

Illustrated instructions for a variety of knitting techniques and projects. [Japanese/English]

Category: Knitting and Crocheting - Knitting

Monk, Bruce ( | Canada)
Monk, Bruce

Exhibition of dance photography featuring platinum prints, with an accompaning tutorial on dance photography techniques.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Cold Process Soapmaking by Debora Yavas (

tutorial for making cold process soaps using unique pipe molds.

Category: Craft Supplies - Soapmaking

Alaska Woodturners Association ( | Algeria)
Alaska Woodturners Association

Information about the chapter, meetings, local suppliers of wood,and gallery of member's work. Before each meeting a tutorial on tool sharpening....

Category: Wood Crafts - Woodworking