FibeRio Ships Cyclone FE 1.1 Nanofiber Production System to Kertak ... - Nanowerk LLC
FibeRio Ships Cyclone FE 1.1 Nanofiber Production System to Kertak ...
Nanowerk LLC
(Nanowerk News) FibeRio Technology Corporation announced a shipment today of its new continuous nanofiber production system, the Cyclone FE 1.1, to Kertak Nanotechnology, a leading manufacturer of ceramic nanofibers. Located in the Czech Republic, ...

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"Cast, Cut, Forged and Crushed," the Horn collection - Arkansas Times
Arkansas Times
"Cast, Cut, Forged and Crushed," the Horn collection
Arkansas Times
Elizabeth Brim's "Pillow" is metal cut and bent to appear to be full of air, textured with square and rectangular indentations reminiscent of an arts and crafts design. Marc Maiorana plays with reality with a tall pedestal, a splinter of which has ...


Art funding cut disappoints communities - ABC Online
Art funding cut disappoints communities
ABC Online
The organisation has failed to secure more than $200000 from federal arts funding body, the Australia Council, to fund visual arts programs over the next three years. Director of community engagement Anthony Peluso said it was a shock and they would ...


Ships Wheel Wood Cut Out For Crafts |

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Father Mom Wood Art ( | United States)
Father Mom Wood Art

Handmade wood crafts, cut out like a puzzle and handpainted in a variety of themes.

Category: Directories - Decorative Painting

Wood Quilts by Uniquely Jewell ( | United States)
Wood Quilts by Uniquely Jewell

Handpainted wood quilt wall decor.

Category: Wood Crafts - Marquetry

Wood Craft Shapes ( | United Kingdom)
Wood Craft Shapes

If it's pre cut craft shapes your after then you are in the right place, at wood Craft Shapes we have a huge range of pre-cut craft shapes, hearts,...

Category: Wood Crafts

X-man Puzzles ( | United States)
X-man Puzzles

Original hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Category: Wood Crafts

Color Wheel Company, The ( | United States)
Color Wheel Company, The

Manufacturers of color wheels available in a selection of sizes. English and Spanish models.

Category: Visual Arts - Drawing and Sketching

Bear Woods Supply ( | Canada)
Bear Woods Supply

Your #1 source for Wholesale wood and crafts Supplies since 1987. Over 2,000 items in stock for immediate shipment. We supply a wide range of...

Category: Craft Supplies - Wooden Craft Supplies

ByeGone Workshop ( | United States)
ByeGone Workshop

Supplies wrought iron wheels, axles and plans for the making of old-fashioned wheelbarrows and vendor carts.

Category: Wood Crafts

Creative Industries ( | United States)
Creative Industries

Manufacturers of potter wheels and accessories for the ceramics community.

Category: Craft Supplies - Ceramics and Pottery

Jardin Puzzles ( | United States)
Jardin Puzzles

Made from choice of prints, photographs and posters. All jigsaws come packaged in specially designed gift boxes.

Category: Wood Crafts

Bob's Cut Coins ( | United States)
Bob's Cut Coins

Handcut gold, silver, bronze and nickel cut coin jewelry.

Category: Jewelry - Thematic

Conrad Armstrong ( | United States)
Conrad Armstrong

Jigsaws made from either prints or posters. All puzzles contain "Figure pieces" shaped like animals, people, etc.

Category: Wood Crafts

Mettle Co. ( | United States)
Mettle Co.

Sells custom cut aluminum and wood frames.

Category: Craft Supplies - Wholesale Craft Supplies

Purple Martin Puzzles ( | United States)
Purple Martin Puzzles

Made to order jigsaws that use small, medium or large size pieces to cater for differing ages and abilities.

Category: Wood Crafts

Tuck-N-Go Crafts ( | United States)
Tuck-N-Go Crafts

We are the largest online seller of the No Sew Quilt Magic Kits. It is similar to a paint-by-number craft. We use a pre-cut foam board and you cut...

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Wood Craft Shapes ( | United Kingdom)
Wood Craft Shapes

wood Craft Shapes, The Home Of wood craft cutout supplies with up to 25% off every item. UK based supplier of wooden carft blanks &...

Category: Wood Crafts

Fool's Gold Puzzles ( | Bulgaria)
Fool's Gold Puzzles

Jigsaws cut from solid 1/4" basswood. Commissions undertaken for birthdays, weddings, etc.

Category: Wood Crafts

Midwest Dowel Works, Inc. ( | United States)
Midwest Dowel Works, Inc.

Manufactures dowels, turnings, plugs, drumsticks, and other wood items for woodworkers, crafts people, home remodelers, and others.

Category: Wood Crafts

John Hester Pottery ( | United States)
John Hester Pottery

A beginners introduction to five methods used to hand-build pottery.

Category: Ceramics

Dick Lehman Pottery Gallery ( | United States)
Dick Lehman Pottery Gallery

Features wood, saggar, and side fired ceramics.

Category: Visual Arts

Art & Woodcrafters Supply ( | Australia)
Art & Woodcrafters Supply

wood parts, cut-outs, craft supplies, books, and painting supplies.

Category: Wood Crafts