Diary of a social entrepreneur - Livemint
Diary of a social entrepreneur
I worked across categories like wood, metal and ceramic. I spent three years working on a stone crafts project where we documented stone crafts in 14 states. My interest was in the indigenous arts and crafts of India, so I started working as a ...


Island-inspired ceramics adorned midcentury homes [Honolulu Star-Advertiser (HI)] - Insurance News Net (press release)
Island-inspired ceramics adorned midcentury homes [Honolulu Star-Advertiser (HI)]
Insurance News Net (press release)
At the peak of the pottery boom in 1948, there were more than 800 ceramic companies operating around Los Angeles . Many ended up selling their designs to Japanese or Chinese companies and the industry went into decline in the late 1950s. ...

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Lara Stone's love for knitting - Winnipeg Free Press
Lara Stone's love for knitting
Winnipeg Free Press
Speaking on UK TV show 'The One Show', David said: "My wife loves to knit. I'll see her sat on the sofa with a bundle of orange wool and she'll say, 'I'm knitting you a jumper'. And I'll have to say, 'Really, darling? In orange? Thanks for that'. ...

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Peak Candle Supplies (peakcandle.com | United States)
Peak Candle Supplies

peak Candle Making Supplies offers candle making supplies, soap making supplies, fragrance oils, and starter kits, all at wholesale prices.

Category: Candles - Candle Making

Standing Stone Ceramics (standingstoneceramics.com.au | Australia)
Standing Stone Ceramics

Standing stone ceramics custom design, build, bake and hand paint caricature figurines for the top or sides of your cake, table or cabinet! From...

Category: Craft Supplies - Polymer Clay

Cast Stone (sangelaj.com | Iran, Islamic Republic Of)
Cast Stone

Cast stone, Precasting architectural elements. As you’ve probably read, Sangelaj stone manufactures warm, beautiful, elegant stone veneer. While...

Category: Ceramics - Sculptors

Touching Stone Gallery (touchingstone.com | United States)
Touching Stone Gallery

Showcases Japanese ceramics, Sumie paintings, and fine art photographs.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Japanese

Marsha Montoya Art Studios (montoyasculpture.com | United States)
Marsha Montoya Art Studios

MAS International, Inc. Supplies sculpting tools, rocks, and more.

Category: Metal Crafts - Sculpture

Gail Goldsmith (gailgoldsmith.com | United States)
Gail Goldsmith

Gail Goldsmith's stoneware art ceramics take the shape of children's toys, portrait faces, and memory objects. These hand built clay art pieces are...

Category: Ceramics - Stoneware

Old World Stone Carving (oldworldstonecarving.com)
Old World Stone Carving

Fireplaces, furniture, sculpture, fountains, and more.

Category: Metal Crafts - Sculpture

Walton Ceramics of Knightbridge (waltonceramics.co.uk | United Kingdom)
Walton Ceramics of Knightbridge

Walton ceramics of Knightbridge is dedicated to bringing you the finest in stone and ceramic tiles and flooring surfaces to make your environment...

Category: Ceramics - Tiles

Higuera Imports (higueraimports.com | United States)
Higuera Imports

Specializes in Italian ceramics including Majolica flowering, dripless candles, handpainted stone indoor/outdoor tables, and bamboo flooring products.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Italian

Orchid Ceramics (orchidceramics.com | Colombia)
Orchid Ceramics

Orchid ceramics is the manufacturer of porcelain and ceramic floor, wall, and decorative tiles. Our values are a group of guiding principles that...

Category: Ceramics

Stone Paving (londonstone.co.uk | United States)
Stone Paving

London stone believe that in the recent times, the dependency of stone as a flooring material is increased. As a result designs are being...

Category: Quilting - Events

Classic Ceramics (classicceramics.com.au | Australia)
Classic Ceramics

Since its inception more than forty years ago by its pioneering founder, Mr Sam Giunta, Classic ceramics (Importers) has consistently been one of...

Category: Ceramics - Tiles

The Marble & Stone Shop (marbleandstoneshop.com | United States)
The Marble & Stone Shop

At present, the Standish family runs "The Marble & stone Shop". Broad knowledge of stone’s character as well as stone fabrication...

Category: Craft Supplies - Decorating

Stoke-on-Trent, the World Capital of Ceramics (visitstoke.co.uk | United Kingdom)
Stoke-on-Trent, the World Capital of Ceramics

We are the home of the pottery industry and if pottery is your passion then you will not be disappointed with the world renowned brands such as...

Category: Ceramics

Highest Peak Studios (highestpeakstudios.com | United States)
Highest Peak Studios

Highest peak Studios by Paul Duquesnoy, Digital Illustrator & Interactive Designer. Paul Duquesnoy designs Digital illustrations, Flash movies,...

Category: Computer Generated Art - Artists

DTW Ceramics UK Limited (tiles-ceramic.co.uk | United Kingdom)
DTW Ceramics UK Limited

DTW ceramics UK Limited are one of UK’s largest independent tile distributor and retailers, with over 30 years’ experience in the supply of...

Category: Ceramics - Tiles

R & R Ceramics (rrceramics.com | United Kingdom)
R & R Ceramics

In our online store-front, you will find a large selection of Bisque ceramics. R&R ceramics has over six-thousand Bisque Items to choose from...

Category: Ceramics - Decorative

Merchant of Prato (wholesaleitalianceramicsandpottery.com | United States)
Merchant of Prato

The Merchant of Prato is your direct source for Wholesale Italian ceramics & Italian Alabaster Imported Directly from Italy. Our Italian...

Category: Craft Supplies - Ceramics and Pottery

Offers Sicilian Artistic Ceramics on lava stone from vulcano Etna, including paintings, medallions, tiles, sculptures (etnamadre.com | Italy)
Offers Sicilian Artistic Ceramics on lava stone from vulcano Etna, including paintings, medallions, tiles, sculptures

Etnamadre is situated in Acireale, a little ancient town between the slopes of Volcano Etna and the blue of the enchanting sea of Sicily. It is not...

Category: Cultures and Groups - Italian

Learning Stone (learningstone.net | United States)
Learning Stone

Nonprofit, educational resource for sculpture, geology, and the stone industry. Also offering stone sculpture workshops.

Category: Ceramics - Stoneware