Paper crafts workshop during 'HANDMADE' - VillageSoup Belfast
VillageSoup Belfast
Paper crafts workshop during 'HANDMADE'
VillageSoup Belfast
3 from 1 to 4 pm, book artist Candida Pagan will hold a family friendly holiday paper crafts workshop during the "HANDMADE" alternative art and craft show at Waterfall Arts, 356 High St. She will demonstrate how to make holiday themed pop-up cards and ...


TRSA paper says towel study is distorted -
TRSA paper says towel study is distorted
Based in Alexandria, Va., TRSA represents the $16 -billion textile services industry that employs nearly 200000 people at more than 2000 facilities nationwide. These companies provide laundered textiles and other products and services that help ...


Bobby's Bama: Cut paper artist pushes boundaries at local art show - WAFF
Bobby's Bama: Cut paper artist pushes boundaries at local art show
Born in Taiwan in 1962, he has a background as a track star, artist, military man and engineering graduate. Kathryn Silvestri is the marketing and exhibits coordinator at the Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur. "And he also was like an interior ...

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Kool Paper Airplanes ( | United States)
Kool Paper Airplanes

Instructions for folding paper versions of real airplanes with information on the actual planes.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Needlecraft Super Shop ( | United States)

Needlecraft super Shop keeps large inventory of patterns, books, supplies all that are related to needlework such as Cross Stitch, Crochet,...

Category: Craft Supplies

Dick Blick Art Materials ( | United States)
Dick Blick Art Materials

Offers a variety of art supplies including paints, brushes, easels, and drawing supplies. Also sells sculpting tools and materials.

Category: Art

Kaelin, David Charles ( | Canada)
Kaelin, David Charles

New York artist using oil, airbrush, charcoal, photography, and computer 3D models to create art focused on the occult, fantastic realism, and death.

Category: Computer Generated Art - 3D Art

Laurelleaf ( | United States)

Custom reproduction antique Greiner, Boudoir, and original kits and patterns.

Category: Dolls & Teddy Bears

How To Draw It ( | United States)
How To Draw It

Free drawing lessons for kids and adults. Anyone can learn how to draw whether they are talented or not. "How To Draw It" is published in...

Category: Visual Arts - Drawing and Sketching

Fallbrook School of the Arts ( | United States)
Fallbrook School of the Arts

Fallbrook School of the Arts is dedicated to enhancing the cultural life of the picturesque village of Fallbrook by providing arts education to...

Category: Art - Art Schools

Bristol Drawing School ( | United Kingdom)
Bristol Drawing School

The Bristol drawing School was started by Graham Woodruff and Carol Peace as a not for profit partnership in November 2007 with the aim of...

Category: Art - Art Schools

Super Tiles ( | United Kingdom)
Super Tiles

super Tiles is the ultimate place for you if you are looking for floor tiles, bathroom tiles, mosaic tiles, in fact, every type of tiles.

Category: Ceramics - Tiles

Billy Bear's Print & Play (
Billy Bear's Print & Play

Printable coloring pages full of teddy bears, toys, and more.

Category: Visual Arts - Drawing and Sketching

Mulberry Paper and More ( | United States)
Mulberry Paper and More

Specialty art and craft paper including mulberry paper, banana paper, elephant pooh paper, hand made paper, marbled paper, and more.

Category: Paper Crafts

Scott Jeffs Fine Art ( | United States)
Scott Jeffs Fine Art

Features pastel landscapes and pencil drawings of Scott Jeffs from the U.S.

Category: Visual Arts - Drawing and Sketching

Renaissance Art School ( | United States)
Renaissance Art School

Renaissance Art School offers personal instruction for children and adults in a variety of fine art media: drawing with pencil, charcoal, pen and...

Category: Art - Art Schools

Drawing & Sketching ( | United States)
Drawing & Sketching

Includes resources and links for those interested in learning or practicing drawing and sketching as a hobby or an art.

Category: Visual Arts - Drawing and Sketching

Super Eggplant ( | United States)
Super Eggplant

Adventures in knitting, sewing, baking, and life.

Category: Quilting - Weblogs

Goerz Hypergon ( | United States)
Goerz Hypergon

Information about super wide large format lens.

Category: Computer Generated Art - Photography

Dragoart ( | United States)

Extensive collection of drawing tutorials that teach how to draw faces, dragon art, fairies, manga, sci-fi, fantasy art, and more.

Category: Visual Arts - Drawing and Sketching

Chromos Fine Art & Craft Materials ( | United States)
Chromos Fine Art & Craft Materials

We supply a vast range including artists canvases, artist acrylic, watercolour tubes and oil paints, drawing paper & sketch pads, art boards,...

Category: Art

OmniWing Paper Airplane ( | United States)
OmniWing Paper Airplane

History, conception and construction of the award winning OmniWing paper Airplane.

Category: Paper Crafts - Origami

Hand Papermaking, Inc. ( | Algeria)
Hand Papermaking, Inc.

Non-profit organization promoting the art of hand papermaking.

Category: Paper Crafts - Papermaking