Crafters take the holidays into their own hands - Foothills Sun Gazette
Crafters take the holidays into their own hands
Foothills Sun Gazette
... Senior League kicked off the craft show season with its 26th annual Holiday Arts & Crafts Bazaar. The event was held from 9 am to 4 pm at the Three Rivers Memorial Building and featured a wide range of products from gourd art to metal sculptures. ...


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American Gourd Society ( | United States)
American Gourd Society

Promotes interest in gourd cultivation, history, and crafts.

Category: Needlework - Organizations

Gourd Art ( | United States)
Gourd Art

Includes an interesting gallery of gourd art, tutorials, tools and books for the gourd crafter.

Category: Craft Supplies

Gourd Masque ( | United States)
Gourd Masque

Dave Sisk creates gourd masks using leather dyes, horse hair, feathers, quills and other natural materials.

Category: Craft Supplies

California Gourds ( | United States)
California Gourds

Sells california grown gourds and tools. How-to movie clips for selecting, cleaning, and measuring, as well as free project instructions via email.

Category: Craft Supplies

Northern Dipper ( | United States)
Northern Dipper

Offers a wide selection of dried gourds grown in Canada. Includes seeds, tools, dyes, books, kits, and supplies.

Category: Craft Supplies

Foothills Farm & Crafts LLC ( | United States)
Foothills Farm & Crafts LLC

Ohio grower of over 60 dried varieties with photographs of award-winning decorative designs and ready-made creations for sale.

Category: Craft Supplies

Gourd Gracious ( | United States)
Gourd Gracious

Home of Satisfied gourd Customers for over 30 years. We raise many varieties, including bottles, dippers, penguins, ornamentals, and the most...

Category: Craft Supplies

Gourd Central ( | United States)
Gourd Central

gourd craft from Africa, Mexico, and Peru, books, musical instruments, jig saws, pyroengraving or woodburning tools, mini jig saws, dry gourds, and...

Category: Flower & Garden

The Gilded Gourd ( | United States)
The Gilded Gourd

Decorative and functional gourd art by Paul and Cheryl Hoover.

Category: Craft Supplies

Gita's Gourds ( | United States)
Gita's Gourds

Meticulously painted and pyro-engraved gourd vessels, figurine-shaped containers, nature-related and abstract designs.

Category: Craft Supplies

Carolina Gourds and Seeds ( | United States)
Carolina Gourds and Seeds

North Carolina farm offers dried gourds, seeds and supplies for crafters and growers. Gives tips on growing and planting, and an identification...

Category: Craft Supplies

Cobblestone Mill ( | United States)
Cobblestone Mill

Offers a selection of finished and unfinished bottle gourds.

Category: Craft Supplies

Leiser Gourd Farm ( | United States)
Leiser Gourd Farm

California grower with many varieties of hard-shell gourds.

Category: Craft Supplies

Creekside Crafts ( | Germany)
Creekside Crafts

Handcrafted gourd rattles are inspired by research of ancient cultures throughout Europe and the Americas.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Religious

Elegant Machine Quilting ( | United States)
Elegant Machine Quilting

Custom hand-guided machine stitching on a Gammill Classic, to finish prepared tops.

Category: Craft Supplies - Fiber Arts

Rocky Fork Farms ( | United States)
Rocky Fork Farms

Offering hand carved emu eggs, gourd art, and eggshell jewelry

Category: Craft Supplies - Wholesale Craft Supplies

Gourds by Gerts Kid ( | Canada)

A gallery of original antiqued folk art gourds.

Category: Craft Supplies ( | United States)

Offering western art gourd canteens and showcasing impressionist oil paintings by artist Jeff Fillin.

Category: Flower & Garden

The Caning Shop (
The Caning Shop

Specializes in tools, materials, and instruction for gourd crafting. Also offers basket making and caning supplies.

Category: Craft Supplies

Yuma Gourd Farm ( | United States)
Yuma Gourd Farm

Offers a variety of hard shelled gourds, including bottle, kettle, canteen, dipper, gooseneck and minis that can be used for jewelry.

Category: Craft Supplies