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Apsara brings world of textiles to Portsmouth
25, its owners, husband and wife Thomas Monda and Sally Chan, had been selling antique and tribal textiles throughout the country. "We would go to southeast Asia to buy and then sell at musical festivals and antique shows all over the United States," ...

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Exhibition of a range of hand-crafted home décor - The Hindu
The Hindu
Exhibition of a range of hand-crafted home décor
The Hindu
... the floor and beautiful bell metal tableware are other 'Antara' attractions for the home. Gond art gives vibrant tribal imagery to interiors. Also part of 'Antara' are products from 'Kamala', the Crafts Council of India's flagship store in Delhi. ...


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WoW Leatherworking Guide (wowalism.com | Canada)
WoW Leatherworking Guide

This guide provides you the cheapest and the quickest way to level leatherworking. It uses patterns obtained only from vendors and trainers. So you...

Category: Leatherworking

Leatherworking - Allods Wiki (allods.wikia.com | United States)
Leatherworking - Allods Wiki

leatherworking is a profession that can use Disassembled leather to create new leather armor. To learn leatherworking, you need to visit a...

Category: Leatherworking

Leatherworking (leatherworking.org | Pakistan)

leatherworking Your Ultimate Leather Resource! The site provides quality information on the topic of leatherworking and leathercraft. You can find...

Category: Leatherworking

The History of Leatherworking (amtgard.natkd.com | United Kingdom)
The History of Leatherworking

Leather tanning is undoubtedly one of the oldest crafts known to man. The skins obtained from hunting and breeding were initially used to make...

Category: Leatherworking

Leatherworking Classes (petescustomsaddles.com | United States)
Leatherworking Classes

During this class, you will learn to design and build holsters for any type firearm. You will learn to design your own patterns, what tools are...

Category: Leatherworking

Standing Bear's Trading Post (sbearstradingpost.com | United States)
Standing Bear's Trading Post

Since 1999,Standing Bear's Trading Post has been supplying leathercraft products and leatherwork tools. We are Authorized Sales Centers for Tandy...

Category: Leatherworking

Leatherwork Courses (leathercourses.co.uk | United States)
Leatherwork Courses

The Leatherwork courses provided by Valerie Michael and Neil MacGregor are based upon the techniques described in 'The leatherworking Handbook' and...

Category: Leatherworking

Siegel of California (siegelofca.com | United States)

Leather supplier offering hides including rawhide, cowhide and deerskin as well as brass hardware and leatherworking tools.

Category: Leatherworking

Tattoo Johnny (tattoojohnny.com)
Tattoo Johnny

Sells downloadable tattoo designs with stencils.

Category: Visual Arts - Body Art

African Mecca Art & Culture (africanmecca.com | United States)
African Mecca Art & Culture

Promoting African art and crafts from Kenya including soapstone sculptures, wooden carvings, tribal masks, and Maasai figurines.

Category: Cultures and Groups - African

Tribal Art Magazine (tribalartmagazine.com | Belgium)
Tribal Art Magazine

tribal Art Magazine, the quarterly world's premier journal on the arts of indigenous cultures around the world.

Category: Books & Magazines

B.C. Galleries (bcgalleries.com.au | United States)
B.C. Galleries

Specializes in antiquities and tribal art.

Category: Cultures and Groups

Tribal Expressions (tribalexpressions.com | United States)
Tribal Expressions

Selling contemporary American Indian art.

Category: Cultures and Groups - Native American

BellyRoll Costumes (bellyroll.com | United States)
BellyRoll Costumes

Offers custom made tribal style bellydance costumes and accessories.

Category: Art - Art Schools

Duvall Leatherwork (duvallleatherwork.com | United States)
Duvall Leatherwork

Established in 2004, I personally hand manufacture the very best historic reproduction leather gear and military accoutrements money can...

Category: Leatherworking

African Art Museum (zyama.com | South Africa)
African Art Museum

The collection of African tribal art featuring over 1,200 artifacts from 100 ethnic groups. Items on display include wooden and bronze statues,...

Category: Cultures and Groups - African

Cool Tribal Arts (cooltribalarts.com | United States)
Cool Tribal Arts

Offers handcrafted tribal arts, native sculpture and wooden carvings from around the world.

Category: Cultures and Groups

ArtTribal (arttribal.com | United States)

We strive to provide deeper public appreciation for high quality African art and to make it accessible to all collectors. High quality masks,...

Category: Cultures and Groups - African

Aboriginals Art of the First Person (tribalworks.com | United States)
Aboriginals Art of the First Person

Offers tribal art from West and Central Africa, Aboriginal Australia, and Native America.

Category: Cultures and Groups

EveryTattoo.com (everytattoo.com | United States)

Contains a large gallery of tattoo pictures, flash art, studio directory, and convention information.

Category: Visual Arts - Body Art